New Song By It-Alien: "preys And Predators"

Hi, I have finally completed my orchestral project “Swallows’ Pain”, by releasign the last song,

Preys and Predators”.

It is a string quartet song, although it’s not made with a standard string quartet ensemble, since it’s composed of two cellos and two violins.

The music tries to depict the chasing of preys by air predators, alternating and fusing the different characters of the two.

Crazy… beautiful. I think it will have to take me about 10 more listens before I can really digest this

great arrangement ! very complex in details. make it heavy metal and you’re my hero :P

n000, br34kc0r3 r3m1x w00t!!!

haven’t heared it yet, but being an admirer of your orchestral work, it’s already downloaded
and waiting to be chucked inside a playlist as soon as I get home.

unbelievable and priceless!

I like this alot. Really nice work.
I have to agree with basil there is a heavy metal groove to it.