New Song By It-Alien: "Reading An Old Love Letter Again"

A jazzy piano solo song, revealing a complexity behind words, on a second thought. For Laura.


Great piano. Realy deep. Happy and sad in the same time. Any objections against putting this 1 on youtube? :)

enjoyed… a lot.

btw… jazz ???

Beautiful ideas in there. Needs a bit of dirt perhaps, but this might be just me… :)

thank you all for your appreciations!

well, I am not a fan of putting music on youtube, which should be a video platform, but if the music has inspired some collection of images to you, feel free to do so

:) I use to say: “when you don’t know what you are doing, it’s jazz” :) but yes, this is maybe some sort of… err… dark waltz?!

sounds really nice, wish i could play piano (like that, or at all).

some parts are realy nice produced
but I feel lack of improvisation in it and playing “braveness”. best part i think starts 3:30 ,
it reminds me shortly one of themes of in brad mehldau “largo” album song

Nice solo. :)