New song by It-Alien: "Schizopodia"

Hello all,

this is a new song by me: “Schizopodia”.

Probably “song” is not the best definition here: it’s more an evolving soundscape through a rarefact environment.

Close your eyes for a better (or worse) experience.

This composition is not intended for listening on mobile phones or notebooks, unless you use headphones.

MP3 file is also available here
XRNS (requires Renoise 3.0+) is available here

Really nice tones and textures, thanks for including the song file!

Interesting artwork ! Thanks for the songfile, gives insights about how a pro uses Renoise. I think it is not so much ambient. Okay, if you count the Eraserhead-Soundtrack to ambient, then your piece fits into this genre, too. ^_^

Nice tune. To me it had this weird acoustic mismatch in the beginning, like the percussive sounds and the drone-ish sound sounded like they were coming from different locations. It was probably the reverb on the percussive sounds. At some point during the 2nd min and the last moments it had this rather ugly distortion and around 3 mins I didn’t enjoy the harshness in the high end. It also dragged a bit in the 2nd half, I’d probably like it more if it was like 7 minutes or something.

Overall I like the composition and the suspense/resolution (a weak one, which was spot on for me) feeling it had. Nice work.

I don’t know how much of this is deliberate and how much is experiment, but it’s great.

Thanks for the xrns, interesting to study that. :)

thank you all for your opinions!

chunter: it is a deliberate experiment :D/>

Uporo. all the three songs I have published since the release of Renoise 3 are also available in XRNS format; you can download all of them on my website: just look for the “Download recent songs” section on the right column