New Song By It-alien: "sit Alone In A Dark Room"

after a long break since the latest progressive rock song, here I am back with
Sit alone in a dark room.

This song continues on the struggled path of extremely complex and always changing compositions like “Need to Suffer”, “Rationally irrational” and “Per un attimo che non passerà”, but it has probably the hardest moments, quite close to metal.

It should be listened to as the title suggests…

i did as the title suggests, turned on winamp visualizations and went for a wonderful ride. i really like this. especially the instrument that comes in for about 1 measure around 6:20, right after the flute. it is enchanting… what instrument is that?

I believe you mean the clarinet which starts at 6’53"

indeed this is the most complete orchestra I’ve ever used, so it is a challenge to identify everything :)

thanks for your appreciations!

This is farking kickarse It-Alien! What a monster… And the best bits are not the real heavy bits, despite it being one of your strongest heavies - it’s the quiet bits that have really got me.

That outro is the best thing you’ve ever done. I could sit in that zone and feel paranoid forever. Tense and wonderful. You’re making me feel like I’m writing too much pop…

:guitar: :drummer:

Oh my god! Absolutely superb. Haunting. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Where did you get your instruments? Are some of them midi? Are they vsti’s? I’m especially wondering about the piano sound.

Anyway, absolutely superb!

thanks mates for all your appreciations!

about the instruments used:

  • drums are made with Native Instruments Battery Studio Drums package, loaded into Kontakt 2
  • the piano is PMI Bosendorfer 290 used into Native Instruments Kontakt 2 (not the embedded Kompakt based VSTi)
  • the orchestra (violins, violoncellos, violas, doublebasses, flute, clarinet) is the one which comes with Kontakt 2 package, except for:
  • violin and violoncello solo, which are made with excellent Applied Acoustic Systems StringStudio VS-1
  • chimes bought at and used as an RNI
  • bass made with StringStudio VS-1
  • synths: the progressive lead sound is made with Native Instruments PRO-53, while the spacey pad which is in the end and pervades the whole song, getting distorted in the middle, is an RNI made by me (greet the “ghost instrument” feature for its everchanging sound :))
  • guitars: both lead and rhythm guitars have been made with ReFX Slayer 2; the rhythm has been amplified with IK Multimedia Amplitube, while the lead guitar uses Slayer’s built in amp.

I think I haven’t missed anything, thanks again!