New song by It-Alien: "Strange feelings"

let’s call it a “dark ballad”. it is (very) loosely based on experimental electronic song of mine created back on 1997.

almost completely new, but still strange.


get MP3 from my site:

your tunes are still good by default!

Parts of it reminded me of Steven Wilson’s Remainder The Black Dog. Thumbs up to the dark vibes.

ha ! subtle dark shades. loved it.
it could be an alternative ost for
“Le conseguenze dell’amore”

Steven Wilson…heheh i thought about him…then iv read the comment… :)

Very quality but too fast, i wish i could hear 20 bpm slower or have the file. Anyway, seems ya know what ya doin so don’t listen to me!

For some reason I had the The late autumn in St. Petersburg … Very beautiful composition. I admire!

thanks you all for the feedback guys!

by listening to the song again after some time I have to say that I would have added some more pause between some piano phrases, and maybe made the song slightly slower, although 20BPM are way too much in my opinion.

you’re right. 20 bpm is way too much. sorry. wanted to hear that, but did. way too much. track only sounds a small bit rushed. it’s very good, though. mostly it is just the composition is a bit beyond the reach (mismatch) of sequencer performance, anyway.