New Song By It-alien: "symphony For A Dead Planet"

teh tchoon ees h3r3!!!111!!1 :drummer:

ok, this is a new song by me. One of the extremely complex, long, intricated, everchanging, odd ones.

Imagine landing on a dead planet, trying to figure out its fastous past: its life, its lights, its heat, and everything else its ruins and remnants just let you think of now.

On the audio side, I think I’ve managed to create my best sounding song ever. I hope you will enjoy it as well as I do.

thanks to BeatSlaughter for reporting some clicks in the file

Hey man, had a quick listen yesterday, and I like but I will write a longer review once I get back from holidays… :)

you’ve come a long way, It-alien… from the old scene days to where you are now…
leaps and bounds comes to mind… this one was, albeit it’s experimental/progressive nature, actually
quite cohesive (something that quite a few of your other tracks are not…) and audio wise I think you’re right.
This is one of your best sounding songs ever… I thouroughly enjoyed it… keep it up…


thanks for your comment, Andy, and welcome back! Long time since your last visit here

Sorry for my lateness… been rather all over the place at present.

Well… The intro’s space synths had me really excited here… and then the proggy stuff comes in and we know we’re in ‘alien’ territory. I like the roto toms, if that’s what they are…

I don’t know with this one man… nothing is really hitting me although it’s interesting listening. The production is great with all the synths etc, but maybe I’m not in the mood for it just now? :confused:

This is a great piece!

As usual, I was anxious to listen to your newest piece. Damn, you’re really skilled :)

first two minutes was fantastic… great build up, tune was getting better and better. then you decide to just quit that, and start something completely different… after that you weave in and out of different themes and soundscapes.

my point is, you are very skilled… but you are obviously trying to over-do it. try to stick to ONE idea in a song, and develop that as much as you can. there are several elements of this song i like, but i dont like them when they are bundled in a big goob of sounds.


thanks for your comments, people.

about what xerxes says: man, I fully understand what you mean, but I’m not really a one-idea musician; when I compose a song, I try to mix sensations and to tell a story, rather than develop an idea I had in mind.
This can be a double-edged weapon, of course, and I think it is my best peculiarity, but I understand that it can be considered my worst as well.

I adhered to the progressive rock way of thinking because it suited exactly the description above; after all, I’m not here to sell you anything, and I sincerely appreciate you had the will and time to listen to my song and express your ideas about it.

you should make an album… taking all your ideas, and developing them over the spam of 60 minutes, instead of having all ideas in ONE song. you are indeed a good enough musician to make a conceptial album that can run for an hour, where every idea is well explored :)

good luck!


I wanted to start by including a quote from from wikipedia for those of you who are not entirely familiar with progressive rock music.

“In rock, the word usually describes music that expands traditional musical structures by adopting influences of jazz, symphonic, folk and world music. Progressive rock artists often string together the songs so that the entire album will become an uninterrupted musical “journey”. Long tracks that can be divided into separate movements, all with its own place in the overarching theme of the song, are very common in prog. An important aspect of progressive rock is the juxtaposition of contrast elements such as the raw, loud and fast with the calm and slow. Thus progressive rock not only tends to have strong melodic elements, but also expands the harmonic margin of rock music by utilizing atonal patterns from modern classical music as well as advanced chords from jazz theory.”

Asking a progressive rock artist to narrow down his or her scope in terms of only adopting one main theme would mean they wouldn’t be composing progressive music any longer. “Symphony of a dead planet” is quintessential progressive rock.

It is very difficult for me to review this song or offer any comments other than it’s one of the most interesting and beautiful pieces of music I have listened to. I am a huge fan of Al Di Meola for example so it’s not unusual to hear hard drivin jazz fusion one moment at a very fast tempo and the next a classical guitar.

This is truly a musical journey. The rock aspect in the beginning with the synth would is incredible. The subtle middle eastern influence @ 3:00pm is a nice surprise. The piano section starting around 4:16 is beautiful. So music emotion in your playing. I only wish it was explored more and for a longer duration; not really a complaint though. My ideal version might bring this song to an hour like others have already mentioned.

Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

  • Roberto Aloi