New song by It-Alien: "Thought"

yes, we decided to make some more fun out of the drooling users by releasing an MP3 teaser a couple of days ago :rolleyes:/>, but now you can dowload the song in XRNS format too:

XRNS (requires Renoise 3 Beta 1 or above)

the MP3 version can also be downloaded from here.

I hope you will enjoy it in Renoise 3 and it will help understanding better the new exciting features of our beloved tracker.

here it is the infamous Soundcloud link also:


excellent work, a true living 303 emulation, should be shown as a renoise 3 demosong,
or maybe, have a good place in the future “Content Library” ?
BTW, will .xrns tracks be considered like a content available in the Content Library ?

thanks KURTZ. Actually, the only reason for this song not being part of the demosongs is because taktik forgot to add it to the pack: I finished it right before the beta release and he was of course busy with more important things to do for the release.

hopefully he will add the song to the pack now or then ;)

your songs are great. labyrinthlike. i get lost but it’s cool

sounds like goa music from 1997! i suggest not to use that as demosong

I believe you somehow missed the last 10 minutes of the song