New Song By It-alien: "unstoppable Time Gear"


I have finally finished a module on which I have been working during spare time since about one year ago.

The original XM file was released by NeuRoTiX about 11 years ago, but I still listen to it regularly.

We decided to cover a song by each other, so now I want him to complete his one :)

download the OGG version here (8500 KB), or the FLAC compressed XRNS here (9300KB)

Excellent! Brought back waves of beautiful nostalgia! Reminded me of listening to old Mick Rippon and Chuck B tunes when I was a teen. The long build around 6-8 minutes is pure magic.

Mix needs a lot of muddiness taken out of it, but it’s still very enjoyable.

Extremely enjoyable. Another school of tracking. :) Arrangement in the ending patterns is extraordinary, love those slap basses.

After your classicals and jazzies, this was a very good intermezzo! ;)

thanks for your appreciations!

Foo?, I’m really not good at mastering, and I would love to have this work done by another. I was hoping to get some help here, that’s why I didn’t actually release the module officially other than here. I was in an hurry yesterday and forget to tell about this.

Just PM me if you want any help with this, would be no trouble at all to take this to the next step.

Ok did a mix / master of this for It-Alien. Was fantastic to work on this. Itty will update the links soon!

both OGG and XRNS versions have been updated, and tomorrow I will also release the song on

I really want to thank Foo? for his great work on this song, the improvement is immediately perceivable!