New Song By It-alien: "violated"

I’m back again with a new song.

Well actually it’s not really “new”, since the original song has been created on 1997 but, as already happened for Need to suffer, it has been completely rewritten.

This song was born thinking of a friend of mine who was often beaten by her boyfriend, but then its meaning extended to tell a story about a violence in which the girl who is subject to it does not choose to be a victim, on the contrary of the other case.

There is also a specific dedication for this remake, and the recipient will surely understand it.

Oh, I was almost forgetting it:
the song

Nice one Itty, I’m finding this to be one of your smoothest so far. The mixing on this is absolutely amazing, it just pours through without any harshness or unescessary resonance. Sweet to my ears.

The composition flows like the mix, except for a few aburpt parts the main theme unraveles like a stream of consciousness, which causes it to be a more emotional, rather than technical, experience.

I want your cymbals…

btw, my ogg copy seems to have bad clicks in it? Has any one else found this? There’s a few pronounce ones at the first heavy bit.

thanks for your feedback, Foo(?)

the sound is indeed clicky in the module itself, and I actually don’t know the exact reason for it; anyway I was just too lazy to fix it in the post-production (there was no post-production at all, actually: what you hear has been made entirely into unreleased new ReNoise version), but then I’ve decided to repair the clicks.

Download the file again if you want a far better version.

Wow, really impressive production. And everything sounds very close to real instruments. But you seem to have too many ideas to fit in one song hehe… anyways, I enjoyed the listen. Thanks.
…I bet it would be interesting to have a peek att that rns. :ph34r:

One of your most easily digestive pieces of music I heard from you.

Some really good and impressive parts in there but the theme gets a little repeatative towards the end. But still Keeping mi intressted for 7 minutes nice!

Other than that I agree very much with the above comments.


1st I thought - okay, classic piece… Suddenly the real cool guitarparts. Quite enjoyable and sounding realistic :)

seems to be having problems downloading… i will try again later.

I like it, and it is “easily digestable”, but I so much enjoy your more bizzare pieces the most.

Good instrumentation. The only thing odd/questionable part I noticed was the low-part, the stecatto bass part at around 4:20 got into a slightly off-pitch sound, as if it was 1/4 step off, but it may have been on purpose.

Good stuff.

Just had a quick listen right now, but this piece was great It! I normally have a hard time listening to your tracks, but as said before this one is easier…

Ok, it has very different parts, but the transitions were good. There’s a flow through the song. It feels like this is a movie soundtrack, or as you said, tells a story by itself.

The synth lead @ 4 minutes something reminds me of classic demo tracking songs. :)

Your latest pieces reminds me very much of the music that is in Anime movies. Any inspiration from those?

splajn: well not really, I hardly look at movies: I hate sitting there for two house doing nothing :)

kizzume: yes, there are touches of “humanizing” here and there; i try to put attention on this side

thank you all for your interest; would love to know what dj_io thinks about this song.

by the way, it’s likely that I won’t make anything so “digestable” in the near future :P

I really like this one, very emotional.

Hey chief! This is supercool, dynamic and dramatic. You got the power (and great tracking skills)!


aha! finally able to download it! :D

i really like the lush atmosphere created by the strings and the pizzicato plucking and the overall amazingly high quality of the instrumentation

beautiful and complex (even though this is a “simple” song for you it-alien)

wow @ the lead instrument section around 5:30, i really love the melody and the way that instrument sounds

i agree that this is very dramatic and i think it would work really well for a movie :)