New Song By It-alien: "waiting"

hiya all,

this is my first completely orchestral song ever.

well, this could also be my last one, who knows…

however, the song can be downloaded here (15’20", 10520KB OGG file). A streamed version is also available here.

I’ve tried to describe a sense of anxiety, wait, hope, delusion, fear with a quite surprising end.

This has required quite an enormous effort to complete: 56 patterns, 17 tracks, 70 columns, 48 instruments are the numbers behind, but the feelings and the complexity were what really have beaten me up.

Dedicated to Elena.

Excellent piece of music, was just the right thing to listen to while drinking my coffee. The part starting short after 6 mins could’ve been a song of it’s own. I also hope it’s not your last orchestral piece, even if you mix it with different music styles. Great work!

Ah, your stream link isn’t working for me. I get a page not found error.

I miss some ambience here… it lacks the idea that it is being played in a giant concert hall.
It is the Garriton plugin right?

thanks for your comments!

BeatS: sorry for the wrong stream URL, and thanks for reporting: the link has been fixed (actually, this is the nth side effect of switching to PHP5: the whole streaming system was not working)

would you add a general concert hall reverb then?
I will try that so, thanks.

most of the sounds come from NI Kontakt built-in Vienna Symphonic Library reduction, except for:

  • violin solo (Garritan Stradivari 2)
  • cello solo (AAS StringStudio)
  • double bass solo (Spectrasonics Trilogy)
  • flute solo (NI Kontakt 2 library)
  • drums, orchestral percussions excluded (NI Kontakt 2 library)
  • trombone, trumpet solo (IK Sampletank 2)

while this song is not something i would (try) to make myself, i can sure respect what you have done here ! it must have been a LOT of work. damn. to me it all sounds very realistic. i keep discovering little details on every listen. wish i had something to say that could help you make it even better. but i’m clueless, specially in this style. saved

Supreme It-Alien! How gracious of you to suffer under so much hard work for our audio enjoyment! Excellent track. As I’ve said before, I’m a particular fan of the decrescendo at the end - goosebumps.

I feel contrary to Vv - I like how dry and clear this is.