New Song: Cwm

Hi people of the Renoise Tribe!

I’ve just finished a song called Come With Me, it’s on the Renoise Song Forum.

Or, you can get it here :)

VSTi’s Used:

Delay Lama
TBL BassLine

Oh yeah! …And let me know what you think :) Thanks in Advance!

Nice arrangement, good implementation of the drum-loops. Some sounds are a little bit standard (hihats, melo), but all in all a good created track, maybe fitting to a car-racing game :)

:P I never use drum loops… kinda makes me feel bad.

Yeah about the drums, I should maybe make them more Techno-ish. I’m not good at creating effects on drums though. So they always end up… i dunno. Too plain maybe?

Ohw, sorry. Then double-respect! Really great work on the drums!

Good job Dufey! I Like it.

I don’t think this song is better of with techno-drums though.

It’s downloading…

I am waiting for more “Rosa Sang”-ish stuff :)

Yeah hehe, i like making those songs…

Might just make another one soon. Would be a nice lil break off of these serious tracks :rolleyes:

That’s great!

But I wish I knew what are all those songs about :)

And what the hell does this burlblbrulb in the middle of “Lille Thomas” mean?

Oh yeah, that’s when my “mom” comes into my room.
I’ve just smashed my room, convinced there are aliens and monsters in the closet.

Mom: “Little Thomas, what’s all this noise supposed to mean?”
Me : “But, there are aliens, mom.”
Mom: “Little Thomas, have you forgot to take your pills AGAIN?”
Me : “But mom, i’ve told you, i don’t NEED to take the pi…”

Then the seizure kicks in. Yep. He forgot to take his pills.
So it doesn’t really mean anything.



This is great! You should translate all the lyrics into english!

Nice song you have done, your best so far! You are getting better and better…