New Song: "futures"

Hello all,

I’ve released this new song:
It’s a classical contemporary piano song, 7’20", 4960KB, OGG format.

This song is the consequence of this very sad and struggled period I’m living.

Yes, I seemed to be happy just a couple of months ago, probably you remember it, but life can be sh*t sometimes, and sudden events can really change it.

I tried not to reveal this too much to anyone here and everywhere, and even if I was less present on the forum, maybe most of you didn’t notice anything, but now it is time at least to reveal the song which has been created because of this situation.

Just not to make you either too happy or too sad, let me say that I’m wealthy and looks like I’m not going to die in a near future: it’s just a matter of other stuff.

Keep on renoising you all; I’ll do it myself too :yeah:

Excellent piece of music nonetheless. Stay on the path man!

Thanks for the “advise”, IT, it works for me. Some of the harmonies sound a lot like something Tony Banks, the former Genesis keyboardist, could have done (on a good day), especially the section beginning around 4’00 and also the section around 5’00. I hope you will find other kinds of reasons to make music of this quality.

Damn, this made me write a review on CTG, which I haven’t done in a lot of time.

Absolutely awesome work. Sad things often inspire the best works.

I don’t wish you bad, though.

And when you get sad you do it like no other :)
Really powerful stuff. Enigmatic.

Futures will be a nice track in my little reflections playlist I put together for winamp. It’s a track that plays to where it’s going but yet at the same time it goes to the places that needs to be played…If that makes sense to any readers… Four out of Five

This song is truly a wonderful piece of work. Love it. Great great stuff man! It’s definately in my main playlist now.

This piece takes me through so many emotions and so many places. It’s one of the best pieces I’ve heard in over 6 years. Absolutely excellent. I’ve had it looping for a while now.

Very best luck on getting past the troublesome, IT! We all struggle sometimes, but at least you manage to produce something exellent out of it all. Awesome piece you just posted!

Very nice!

It somewhat remainds me of Eric Satie, which is one of my favourit composers…

Agree! Especially from 4:30 - 5:00 it really sounds beautiful and reminds of Eric Satie.
Hey It, I hope you don’t have to suffer too much from those hard times and I wish you the best to get out of your troubles.