New Song - Mindfield

This one is not made in Renoise, it’s made in Fl studio, but i hope that is okay and you can write what you think about it anyway :rolleyes:

Please write what you think about the song ;)

Very melodic, and it kept me interested from start to finish. :]

I agree very melodic :) Good tune kinda oldschool but its all good old tracks are way better ;)

Reminds me of Vincent de Moor - Fly Away…

Thanks for all comments :wub:

martyfmelb: Yes the pad in the background sounds very identical to mine :unsure:

Whoot an Fls song here !?! where are we going !!! ;)

But, this song sound really good, very nice mix, all the instruments has it own place, well defined, good pans, good job. And the arrangement is good too.

After that, it’s not what i’m listening everyday, and it remind me an investigation TV show music.

Hehe :rolleyes:

Thank you ;)