New Song: "my Outer Space"

It’s not been such a long time since my last release, and I’m here again with a new one:

My Outer Space (freedom is not for free).

I’m going to live alone, to get in touch with my “own outer space”, and I will learn by myself that freedom has a price. Well, I’m actually already learning it.

I hope I have been able to describe the sense of compulsion in the first part, the sense of suspence in the second, and the final explosion of freedom.

Everything is to you in a 5’15" song; for free :D

Nice variations It,

Like the unexpected silence @ 3:28 tho would n`t have used the one again @4:42.

Great tracking of the e-guitar at the end, good drumming throughout,

I think you achieved your descriptive goals.

Which VSTi did you use for the first part??

the first synth you hear is RGCAudio Pentagon, with a self-made sound.

The saw wave which comes right after, before the drums, it’s an RNI (yes, I still use them :rolleyes:).

The bass is one of the electric set in Spectrasonics Trilogy, amplified with IK Multimedia Amplitube.

Drums are NI Kontakt2.0 with a custom drumkit mainly based on NI Battery Studio Drums.

The other synth which comes after, with the resonance sweep (it can easily be heard in the fadeout of the first part) is made on Pentagon again.