New Song - Pay Attention

Hey all. I just posted a new song and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. I’m trying out some new aspects/approaches to how I’m writing in Renoise and I just want to hear some feedback on the end result of that.

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Very good :) ! Congratulations!

Nice and interesting construction.
Very good mix/mastering.

Unlike others songs in this style, this one don’t get too boring because of a poor construction.

Very good work ! clap clap clap

epic track yeaux. great beatwork, surprising bit of lovely acid half way, funny vocal torture of james brown (RIP).

I am now paying attention!

liking the stereo manipulation here yeaux.
I found the tune very full (I know I’m guilty of the same thing myself)…
perhaps a bit of stripping away would maximise the impact of the heavier sections?
I really like the half time sections. And the acid-line is a good touch.
In fact the very last few bars are my favourite!
Interesting ideas- nice one!

In The Name Of God

Hello, :D

What Is Your Opinion For My Music? :walkman:

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^^^ Dear Mohammad Javad, to introduce your music, you’d better start in a new topic in the renoise song’s forum rather than replying to other’s post. In better words:

“Mohammad javad jan baraye moarrefie music-hatoon behtare ke yek onvane jadid dar forum e Renoise Songs ijad konin ta inke be shekle pasokh oono matrah konin.” :)

  • Ashkan.