New Song titled "Stupid People"

I added a new song that I recently created in about 2 hours.

It has some really nasty drums (via Renoise distortion) and uses the
vst Quantum64 for several leads.

There is also a really hilarious sample towards the middle. I guess it could
also be considered disturbing.

I honestly have no clue how it should have been classified so I just
threw it under electronic.

I would appreciate any information as to what style I should have placed it under.


It’s nice, the snare drum is pretty noised up, and thats excellent.

Regarding to the stupid people get stupid children sample. My guess is that they are raised stupid, and not that they are borned stupid… but what do i know, maybe i am raised stupid but just doesnt realise it :unsure:


Hmz… Electronic psychosid perhaps?

C64 meets distorted electronica… =)

Hey, Me wanna remix dis! Send moi!

Electronic psychosid - I like that! hehe that is the official type then. hehe

Sure. I will send you some email regarding remixing ;)