New Song!! What Do You Guys Think About It?

Link is here:

So, what do you think? :rolleyes: Have a good day!

and my soundcloud is:

Usually not my kind of music but i really love this little konga/bongo part near the middle of the song! :D Well done.

Edit: no problems playing the song from the site for me.

Is it the latest song on Soundcloud? because your downloadlink doesn’t work because of the exceeded bandwith.
Filesharing sites like are pretty crappy, better to stay miles away from those.

Thank you :rolleyes:

Yes, i have it on soundcloud

But i uploaded it to Box because it has much better sound quallity! :blink:

Nice tune, and good work with the sound, nice and happy music good for surfing the forum with a Heineken in the hand. :)

Thank you :)