new song

finally i’ve added a tune
play it loud :D

tjocka barn (fat kids)

oh my…
was it that bad? :(

I’ve posted three new song announcements on this forum until now, and I’ve never had a reply nor wanted one :)

Anyway, I don’t like techno so I’ve found your song way too boring.

If you accept suggestions from a non-techno musician, I suggest you to vary a lot more in your songs: in 6 minutes of length I expect I lot more things to happen :)

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar: (just to recall my heavy metal past B) )

Yep, It Alien is right… and that is why all techno producers should convert to drum & bass.

(And that goes for all you creepy jazz people too… wink wink) =)

I have a dream, that one day, I’ll be able to turn on MTV and hear wonderful, weird, inovative d&b. And NOT songs like:

boy-cheated-on-girl. Now-girl-is-sad
girl-cheated-on-boy. Now-boy-is-sad
girl-is-independent. Dont-need-boys-money.

got a little carried away… =)

the problem with this kind of techno is that it isn’t suposed to be vary :)

still i think i have some variation