New Song…know_by_now.mp3

Hmm, I just realized that the filename is misspelled. Oh well… :)

will listen to a little later & post feedback!

so does this mean you are done with your move and you will be able to finish “an argument”? i love that song. also , are we still gonna have the anti-4/4 compo?

the microphone I was using when I made An Argument was being borrowed from a friend–I thought I had it for about a year, but he needed it back right during my transition to moving to Portland. I had only a few more touches to do on the song, but the cheaper mic I have right now has a completely different tamber than the one I was using–I could redo all the vocals with my current mic OR I could wait just a little bit longer–the house sold and we’ll hopefully be seeing some money from that in just about two weeks, and I’ll be able to get an exact replacement for that mic of my own. I’ve been so busy these past couple months that I haven’t had time to do the compo, it will probably be quite a while before I can do that. It’s taking so long to settle in–we’ve been painting, getting the wood floors redone, putting in new lighting fixtures, fixing the washing machine that fell down the basement stairs as we were trying to bring it into the new place–just lots of little stuff. I’m still trying to get work here–it’s been a lot more rough than I thought–I’ve been having to do little side jobs all over the place–mainly computer repair jobs at people’s residences.

I imagine that An Argument will take about 2 more months. Thanks for all your support :)

typing while listening

awesome… just awesome.

a lot poppier than an argument but very awesome. i’ve never really heard music like yours anywhere else before. i think you need to be a professional musician. i love your songwriting and your voice… it’s very unique & beautiful.

I’m working at that.

I’ve found out there are about 40 independent record labels in the Portland area, and there are 3 radio stations that sometimes play local bands. Since the band thing hasn’t worked out for me–I don’t like performing hard rock–I’ve been finally getting off my a** and learning the appropriate procedures for promoting my solo music.

Music is the love of my life.

It keeps me sane.

It keeps me entrenched with the here and now and allows me to deal with the past without getting obsessed.

It grounds me.

It keeps me from having manic episodes.

And I’m honestly not that great at anything else, so music is what I need to be pushing myself for.