New Song

This is a tribute to my brothers Are and Espen

En dag Til

very emotional lyrics… sorry for your loss jørn. very well programmed and performed song, i liked it a lot.


It sounds cool, but the only language I know is English, a product of the U.S. education system.

Great mix. Good vocal recording. I really like the flute sound that got used.

The only thing I’d be tempted to do when the guitar sound is playing at the very beginning is I’d allow the notes to blend just a hint–so the noteoff command is one tick after the next note plays instead of being in place exactly when the next note plays. It’s already done on one of the notes on the transition from the last note to the first note. Once the rhythm comes in, it no longer matters, it is only truly noticeable at the beginning when the guitar sound is the only instrument.

probably top 3 when it comes to lyrics and composition as i’ve heard
from you dufey. and i understand the lyrics :)

but still… the first thing that struck me was the melody guitar part… sounded
so familiar. and it came to me… i belive i used that note combination for a compo
track for back in 2003.

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listening way to mutch to tool at that time…

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Kizzume, I’ve also noticed that the guitar is very “static” at the beginning, it kind of sounds better when everything else is in place, but playing alone, it sounds a bit “stop and go”.

Hey Xerxes, it was a pretty hard song to write. Glad you liked it!

Thanks Annide, it’s the first rapsong i’ve finished that i’m actually satisfied with. Talk to you on msn!