New Soundcard And Drivers Killed Audio To

This happened before, with a different creative sound card and I accidentally solved the problem when in a moment of frustration I used one of the proprietary .wav recording apps.
Suddenly I was able to get levels in SF8 again and there was much rejoicing.

I just picked up an EMU 0404 (now owned by creative… :( )and installed it. Once again the audio has somehow been hijacked but the app that I previously used to accidentally fix it was hardware dependent on the old sound card.

In other words I have to find a different way to fix it and am having a frustrating time of it.
I can hear it in SF or Audacity, but I can’t get levels and nothing I have changed in the preferences has made a difference.
It seems to be a setting that’s independent of those apps.

I’m pretty much sampling challenged until this gets resolved.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I wish we could delete our posts.
I’m going to start a new one with a little different approach.