New Spectrum Analyzer

Seems like there is quite a number of users having an hard time reading the actual Spectrum analyzer… so I was curious about having “stats” at hand :)

Note: if you have suggestions about good examples of SA, I think this is a good chance to post about em.

I don’t use the internal analyser a great deal myself, but I think what would be nice is if you could zoom into the graph on both X and Y axis. Zooming into a portion of the horizontal scale to only view a certain frequency range (perhaps with a scrollbar to move around while zoomed in), and zooming in vertically to give an enhanced/exaggerated view of the frequencies occuring.

Some kind of accuracy setting might be useful, too, with low/medium/high. If you just want a quick overview that’s light on the cpu, use low. If you need absolute precision to see exactly what’s happening with your sound, use high. Etc.

Anyway, those are just some of my simple suggestions. As I said, I don’t use the analyser a lot myself right now, so I don’t really have any complaints about how it currently works. Though I do occasionally need to “investigate” strange sonic activity, hehe. Having a few more controls within Renoise to fully utilise the frequency analyser certainly wouldn’t hurt.

the old analyzer was better I think.

I feel the same way, pretty much.

…and I agree too.
But, you know, even if it is low-priority, aren’t we supposed to brainstorm about this kind of stuff a bit? :D