New To Renoise, First Song (Sort Of)

I found out about Renoise not too long ago and have been sitting with the demo since then (can’t afford the full version yet, even though it’s not expensive)
I’ve previously worked with FL Studio and Madtracker, always a bit torn between them. Renoise is like a blend of the features I want most from both programs. :)

Anyhoo, thought I’d post one of my first forays into Renoise. It’s a chip-ish gametune and still a work in progress.

It’s a good tune. I’m also a sucker for the chip tune sound :walkman:

I think you should use a highpass filter on the instruments where you don’t need it’s bottom end, that should make the mix sound a bit better.

Your arrangement made me think about muting and unmuting tracks, I’ve never done that… must remember that trick.

Thanks. =)

I have a new song I’ve been working on, might as well post it in this thread.

I found the Björk Glitch Pad instrument on the resource site and decided to mess around with it.
The song is a bit abrasive at times, mastering has never been my strong suit.