New To Renoise


What type of Midi interface would i need to hook up 8-10 hardware synthmodules?
Is a USB type ok, or do i need internal pci card?

Sorry for dumb questions but i’m new to music with windows, i’m still using my humble Amiga4000 (B&P,Music-X,Radium) for all my music work but Renoise just looks amasing so i have to try it:-)

Does Renoise support multiple midi IN’s and OUT’s? what is max ?

Please advice me of some Midi interfaces that would work with Renoise?
Can i just go out and buy a Motu MIDI express 128 and i’m good to go?

Hoping for some pointers here:-)


Hi Seaquest, welcome!
MIDI standard allow to connect up to 4 machine (chained) on any port, so any MIDI interface with 2 or more input and output are ok.

USB are ok, i’m using Evolution X-session with 3 synth connected and work great.

Yes Renoise support multiple MIDI IN/OUT. Max? I don’t know realy, i’ve 3 MIDI IN/OUT port on my setup, enough for me.