New Tool (0.1): Renoise Simple Midi File Support

That’s exactly what would work for me, would save a ton of time for whomever needed to place MIDI at very specific spots. Wonderful!

Hi. @Neuro_No_Neuro, can you give it a try? I literally tested it on 2 files but the change was small so it should work alright. Let me know in case of issues. Thanks!

Version 0.6

  • added an option to insert notes at cursor position (Options - Insert at cursor position = true; thanks, Neuro… No Neuro).

Updated readme



Still at work, will aim for this evening if I don’t fall asleep :smile:

Interesting! This does work; will input the MIDI chord. It has to be an imprecise ‘drag’ onto the pattern, while the cursor does need to be where it is supposed to be located. So, it works! But, it also puts in an extra note a few lines below the chord.

The chord that shows up is linked to the next instrument (in this case, a blank instrument slot), while the additional note that gets added below the chord is for the instrument the chord is intended for. This Tool ‘works’, but does leave a bit of extra tidying up that ultimately could be spent on other compositional tasks.

Hmm. Is the extra note an OFF note? If so, then you could disable these options and check if it helps: “Increase number of lines”, “Decrease number of lines” and “Include note off”. The instrument should never change though.

Can you please share the midi file you are importing? Maybe it has some midi events that this tool does not know how to handle. The use case you are describing should work without a need to tidy up anything afterwards. Let’s fix it.

Sure! I’ve been taking chords from Ripchord files, exporting their MIDI, and renaming them with ‘.xrmid’.

R&B-01 00.mid (63 Bytes)

Alright, this is indeed a note off issue. For now please disable “Include note off” and it should work fine. In the mean time I will fix it.

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Thanks @nil.caream !

Hello! I think I managed to fix all (known) “insert at cursor” issues. The readme has been updated with hints on which options to enable or disable when inserting short or single chord midi files. I hope that this version will work as expected.

Version 0.7

  • fixed a note off placement on insert at cursor position.
  • fixed an issue with missing note delays on insert at cursor position.
  • added an option to maintain existing track notes instead of clearing them by default (Options - Clear existing notes = false).
  • fixed an issue with invalid number of pattern lines needed to fit all notes.

Updated readme


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Thank you @nil.caream !

@nil.caream - this works perfectly now, by the way. Thank you again for making such a nice Tool for Renoise!