New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Step Sequencer

This appears to be caused by the version of Lua used to combile the tool.

It was marked as “fixed” in January 2011, so if it’s compiled with an updated version of Lua it shouldn’t be an issue (theoretically).

Same error here with your new file.

Packages installed on my system ( Linux 3.0.0-6.dmz.1-liquorix-amd64 #1 ZEN SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 4 23:50:40 CDT 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux )

liblua5.1-0 : Version : 5.1.4-10
liblualib50 : Version : 5.0.3-6
liblua5.2-0 : Version : 5.2.0~beta-1
liblua50 : Version : 5.0.3-6

Thanks for the investigation and info!

well this is strange. I tried another binary distribution, for windows64:
and when compiling and adding to my renoise, I have your bad header in precompiled chunk error.

If I compile it with the win32 distribution on the same page, it works.
I am a little bit puzzled, because I have definately a win64 system.

Maybe you can try this version, I have compiled with the win64 distribution?
2484 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

Ok, this version seems to work …
Now I need to learn that thing :)

Thanks a lot.

Great! :) Thank you very much for your help, gelab and sinisterbrain.
I have added this version to the ovierview in the first post if somebody has the same problems.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them.

Hi, :)

I’ve been led to this thread from here.

Basically I’m not a LaunchPad owner, but I thought of an idea for the LaunchPad Step Sequencer while I was thinking about the Duplex’s Step Seq, so I post it here.

Maybe some people already pointed out though, Cie’s Lauflicht does not have ability to input note pitch and velocity etc to each individual step point.(right?) So I thought about the method, based on the Duplex’s(daxton’s) step sequencer.

This idea may not fit Lauflicht concept, also I don’t know how difficult it is to improve this though, please see this image anyway.

2563 launchpad-idea.png

:excl: [EDIT]

Additionally, this is a more compact layout idea. Maybe it’s more better since you can set mode buttons until 8. (The resolution of the parameter value will decrease though)

2566 launchpad-idea2.png

Yes, you are right, that is currently not possible. Thank you very much for your very good idea and effort how to reflect this on the Launchpad. :)

I will think of it how to implement it… I am currently thinking of splitting it into a “keyboard mode” where you can edit the note value for each step, and a “controller mode” to edit the metadata.
For the controller mode I like the 8-parameter version (you have shown in Edit) more.
I think it makes sense to include this also into the non-launchpad version.

I would like to introduce a new feature: Keyboard mode

2623 keyboard_mode_sw.png

The basic goal of the keyboard is to create melodies and chords in a much more easier way.
The keyboard mode is activated/deactivated by clicking the keys icon next to the Page selection. Now a virtual keyboard of one octave range appears, with Octave up/down buttons and a selection which note number to set (notes 1-3). A text indicates the currently selected note.

  • to create a melody: To set a note, simply click on a key, and then on a step in the sequencer. To create a melody just repeat this with clicking on a key and a step alternating as long as you are finished.

  • to create chords: just select another the note number below the keyboard and set your note. If finished, click on a step in a track to set the chord.

more features:

  • midi mapping: all keys and buttons are midi mapable. So it is possible to assign the octave to a midi keyboard and set the notes with the keyboard instead of clicking with the mouse.
  • the notes are remembered when closing the keyboard mode or the entire sequencer and opening it again
  • keyboard mode usable while playing, results are hearable immediately (e.g. when playing live).
  • if activated, the mode does not affect the other functionalities in any way (setting editstep, page, etc.).
  • remove note ("–")
  • the new note affects only the tracks in which a step was set. When leaving the keyboard mode again, the note value in the “Note 1” columns will be set again and not the new note. This prevents setting wrong notes in wrong tracks accidentially.

Launchpad Edition:

I also implemented this feature for the Launchpad Edition, so that you can set notes without the software interface. Apart from that all changes are biderectional: changes on the Launchpad affects the settings in the sequencer interface and vice versa.


  • select session button. When activated the the last two rows, number 7 and 8 are used to control the keyboard mode

Setting the octave:

  • octave up: button 7-1 (green)
  • octave down: button 7-8 (green)
  • octave number: a yellow light in row 8 indicates the currently set octave number and changes if a new octave is set accordingly.

Setting a note:

  • the red lights of row 7 and 8 represent the virtual keyboard, row 7 the black keys, row 8 the white keys (plus “–”).
  • current note: the current note is highlighted green

Switch note number:

  • button 7-9 (play button): yellow=Note 1, green=Note2, red=Note3

  • if keyboard mode is activated it is still possible to navigate with the page buttons through the tracks and set notes. Instead of 7 tracks, 5 tracks are shown.

  • if activated, the mode does not affect the other functionalities in any way (setting editstep, page, etc.)

2624 setup_keyboardmode2.png

A new beta will be available on Saturday…
Launchpad version owners please just contact me with your article id.

Looks like a nice enhancement.

Does Launchpad version indicate octave 0 at all? I assume it does at least work with it, at a guess none of the bottom row highlighted.

Is there any way to see what note(s) a currently programmed/active position is? From how I read it the Note1/2/3 in your display are for new notes that will be entered. Is there a way to get these (along with Vel, Delay & Length) to show values of a current column? Clicking on/pressing the Moving Light row maybe?

Octave 0 and 9 are not selectable/showable in the Launchpad as well as in the sequencer. As I wanted to make a bidrectional and user friendly Launchpad design, using the 8 buttons of the Launchpad, this seems to be a good compromise for me. I think octave 0 and 9 are rarely used, and if used someone simply could pitch/resample the instrument one octave up/down.

No currently not. Your suggestion with the moving light sounds good to me. But how would you define the “currently selected track”? The track you have set a step lastly?
Actually I am thinking of a another way to make this possible, which will result probably in a controller matrix style where you can control any controller value (Cutoff, etc.) of each step per track. But this feature comes after the keyboard mode is out of beta state.

Fair enough, was just curious. If people did request it maybe multiple buttons lit? Although as you said likely to be rare usage.

Information is displayed on the right hand of your screenshot for all 8 tracks is it not? I would of expected all of these to update for current position if selected. No change if step not ticked/active. Or do I misunderstand?

Well that is how it is working already: all parameters on the right hand are set in the pattern if a step was set.

I meant how to display the current note of a step you mentioned by clicking on the corresponding moving light button, because the current track is not known until you click on a step.

Sorry I’ve not delved deep into the tool but above you talk about making melodies, which obviously needs different notes in the same pattern (and track.) So each pattern can have various values of those on the right, one for each position column per track. Surely these values on the right should only be set when clicking to newly Tick a position, not changing ones which already exist (which from your earlier description surely how it works, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do melodies.) So why not have them all update to the current value of any ticked tracks on clicking a positional (moving light) button?

Current notes (well all parameters) for all tracks. Why does it need to be limited to one track only?

Surely there is something really simple I’m not quite understanding…

I think I understand what you mean, but I would solve it in another way. I will describe it when I have finished the keyboard mode.

I have also finished a new beta, it is ready to download as always on the first page of the thread.

Here a quick demo video which should show how the keyboard mode can be used:

Nice work Cie! :drummer:

Fair enough, it was just a thought I had when reading your above post. From the overall quality of everything you’ve done I feel I can be confident that whatever solution you come up with will be well suited to your tool :)

Had a crash while using your latest update in Renoise 2.8 b1, starting out with just one track in a song, then adding another track in the pattern editor while having the gui open and running a loop, I got:

Clicking ‘ok’, immediately afterwards I got:

Starting up a new song through ctrl+n, and trying to open a new instance of your tool gives me:

Quitting Renoise and rebooting it, then trying to initialize a fresh Lauflicht on a empty track gives:

Thanks Jonas, the step sequencer does not support 2.8 yet; only 2.7.

Looks great! Looking forward to 2.8 support.

+1 :)

I just purchased a launchpad and your launchpadediton.
Awesome tool!