New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Step Sequencer

Gotta post again how awesome the Launchpad edition is !
After some hours of testing I can say that 1.5 runs pretty stable over here.
As long as you don’t create a 9th track by accident everything runs smooth,
when sequencing my funky drums.

Future suggestion:

Somebody already wrote, that it would be dope to adjust the default matrixcontrollers and save them as presets.

It’s hard to find the right steps on your knobcontroller hardware when you are
inside the matrix editor and want to adjust a specific controller@ a specific step.
Now, since I activate “notecolumn1>Notes” on the first matrix line,
it’s much easier to orientate and edit the controllers in line 2-xy and find the active steps easily…
Another lauflicht with the active tracksteps in the matrix section grid would do the job as well…

Hope it makes sense

Yes, I am still working on this strange problem…

Thanks a lot! :) Very nice to hear.

Indeed. Also you could have some predefined presets like “random”, “line up”, “line down” or something like that, which generates some values for a parameter line of the matrix.
But this seems to be quite time-consuming to code, so not in the near future but with another major version increase.

Good point.
Unfortunately you can not adjust the (background-)color of a gui-controller like a value-field. So you could color every fourth value-field or so.
But yes another headline with the active tracksteps would be possible I think, at least a lauflicht-like button row with every fourth step colored (and step-nr as text).

Good News T :)

Could you please try the new beta below?

is now implemented.
It is like the original “Lauflicht” button-bar, with two additional features: Each button is labeled with the current note value of the corresponding step; each button is clickable and sets/unsets a note.

2907 188.jpg

had a bug with the newest version:

first set up some loops, triggered them in a few cells, changed the preferences to 32 and tried to trigger other cells.


1.88beta 64bit installed right away with no errors on 2.8b6 64bit.

Thanks! This should be fixed in the new version 1.89.

Great!!! :) Glad that this issue is fixed now.

New version (1.89):

  • fixed some bugs
  • controllermode: click on big steps above matrix to set note also

32 Bit:
2951 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

64 Bit:
2950 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

what happend to all the tools?

try Renoise Tools | Renoise

thats funny… some hours ago i got the message page not found… well it works again, thanks a lot

that is for It hasn’t been properly routed yet.

awesome fun tool! :D

i would only like to be able to click drag to put shots on… oldschool hammerhead behavior. :P

Thank you :)
What do you mean with it exactly?


and maybe a right click could mean like half volume?

Ah I see, populate the dragged steps… hm, there is no possibility to catch mouse events like dragging/right mouse click etc. in the current lua api (you have to code controller like buttons, knobs and so on to catch an event). Currently I have no idea how to implement this with the current controls.

To control the volume of a track/single steps I would use the controller matrix: Assign either track volume (Automation Efx) or note volume to the matrix of the desired track, and then assign each value box to your midi controller to control the volume of every single step, or to the first value box only to control the volume of the complete track.
Another possiblity to control the volume of a complete track is with the help of the build-in Renoise midi mapping; assign the volume of the track to a midi controller.


i have renoise 2.8 x64 bit rc2 and i am trying to import the stepsequencer tool… the installation / import of the tool seems to work. when i start the stepsequnecr tool i get the following error message…

thanks for any help…

Hello again…

i have fixed the problem… as you could see in the screenshot above… it says that there is a file missing… i was wondering about it an locked into the folder… the files are all there… the next thing i thought about, was that there might be an issue with wrong spelling… it seems like it is case sensitive… probably because under linux… If you have a look into the screenshot bellow, you can see the inside of the images folder from the stepsequencer tool… there is nothing wrong except of the small letters… i have changed the file which gave the error message to big Letter: keyFill to KeyFill…

long story… i think you get what i mean… i am not sure about the other files… maybe they need to get changed is well…

anyways the stepsequencer seems to work now… thank your for the tool :)

Thank you for the detailed description and the solution :) I have fixed the bug in a new version (1.9)

3092 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

3093 de.cie-online.StepSequencer.xrnx

Got the attached image error when checking off any step while a sequence was running.

3133 Renoise Step Sequencer Error.jpg

Win 7 x64, Renoise x64.

Love this concept, and am probably going to make an arduinome to work with it.

Thank you. I can not reproduce the error unfortunately. Could you download the 2.0 version please and if the error appears, maybe repost again in the
new thread?

Feel free to come back to me, maybe we can work on an extension like I did for the Launchpad.