New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Sysex Librarian

You can try to manually update the tool to api v5 by editing the info XML using the renoise scripting editor (hidden by default). Seems to work then, but did not test functionality.

You can try to manually update the tool to api v5 by editing the info XML using the renoise scripting editor (hidden by default). Seems to work then, but did not test functionality.

I am fairly new to Renoise and don’t quite know how to go about this, yet anyway.

I wonder why the many useful Renoise tools haven’t been upgraded to 3.1 if it is anywhere near this simple?

Anyway, I was spoiled with the way previous DAW’s I used could store the sysex data in the song.

This is even handy if you only use samples of your hardware devices. The sysex allows you to easily load the settings back into your device to be tweaked later and re-sampled if there are aspects that you want to change later.

And of course there’s those that would like to incorporate our hardware devices into renoise

Hey, try this:

com.mxb.SysExLibrarian_for_31.xrnx ( NO CLUE IF THIS IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL, I DID NOT TEST )

Ok, wasn’t aware of a startup problem, basically trying to detect midi ports before its available.

So please try this version again:

Attachment 7106 not found.

Works here. But it almost does nothing, except basic receive-save-to-file and send a file.

Maybe someone easily can expand it, so you could define specific song related sysex dumps it will auto dump? Or can it already do so?

update ^

Seems to work, but:

  1. I can’t figure out what it is doing with the data dump it received from the device. I do see what looks like a correct sysex file in the midi window.

  2. I am unable to perform a solid test sending a sysex dump to my devices from within Renoise. It could be a problem with my sysex files and/or possible midi filtering on the midi interface I am using at this time.

I’ll try and get a confirmed proper sysex file and get another computer to configure the midi interface. There is no configuration software for Linux.

I’ll have a Mac laptop to use later today and try again.

I think you need to stop recording first?

I tried it both ways. Where does the data go when I dump form a synthesizer. I see it in the midi screen only, but nothing in the logs.

Is it supposed to write it to a file?

Correction. This time it asked me where to write the file and it looks like it worked, but will do some more testing and let you know…

Note: I am testing with Linux.

It only asked me the one time. Now every time I try to save a patch there is no window asking where to save.

So far sending sysex to the synthesizer appears to start(blinking lights on the synth), but not complete the transfer and it causes renoise to hang for a minute or two with high CPU usage.

I have seen this problem in the past with some sysex utilities when they were trying to send the data faster than the midi chain could handle it.

Hm, I think it is also the wrong tool, it’s too limited. Do not see any advantage over a common external tool. For bitchy, old sysex receivers then try the usual tools? For example “SysEx Librarian” for Mac, which is capable of slow down transmitting speed + configurable pauses. Or Midi-Ox of course. EDIT: Oh, Linux. No clue here :slight_smile:

I guess your right. The one thing I liked about having the sysex as part of the song or pattern is that I could have all of my outboard midi gear configured within the song.

This is good if you go back and forth between songs.

Also, there is a potential of sending sysex within the song to make changes while the song is playing, without having to configure programs in advance to respond to program changes.

I can have up to 8 external midi devices running at one time. Not having to worry about having the correct programs setup on each can save a lot of time.

I’ll probably write a shell or python script for now. I haven’t gotten into scripting in Renoise yet. I’m too new to Renoise and still learning the basics.

Hi all, it is possible to update SysExLibrarian Tool for new version of Renoise?