New Tool (2.8): Auto Add New Instrument

Hey peoples, normally with these small little tool thingys I don’t bother y’all anymore with a new topic for each n every, I just get updated list on my page and push it to github ( but this here I think might be helpful to a lot of users working on a laptop screen or other screen with lower vertical resolution… Auto Add New Instrument
A very simple tool, replacement of the usual Numpad + and - buttons, so, if you’re at the last instrument and it’s got a sample (not checking for VSTs or anything atm) it will append a new instrument to the end of the list and then select that. Vice versa of course for the minus key, everything works exactly as you would expect. It’s nice to have cause since I have sth like 1366x768 now, I usually have the top frame hidden and since there’s no global insert instrument key, I thought of this solution.

very nice, thanks Cas!