New Tool (2.8): Fullstop

new command “play/ full sound stop”. Alternative to Renoise default “play/stop” command, which doesn’t stop DSP output like reverb/delay tails.
This command can be assigned to any key (e.g. space) or midi controller. Hint: may sometimes cause slight crackling.

Despite its simplicity this command can be usefull for mixing sessions. Stopping sounds immediately improves A/B comparisons and protects your ears from fatigue.

Installation: just install per drag and drop and assign key/midi controller to the new command. E.g. space key. If you can’t find the command, just search for “full”.

Link Renoise tool page:

Latest version:

Released v1.01 today:
fixes the midi binding. Now binding works correctly as “trigger”

Thank you so much for this!

You’re Welcome :slight_smile: