New Tool (2.8): Pitch Device Automator

For convenience, because when you want to control the device otherwise and test it live, it would be nice that when you are playing on your midi keyboard, you are playing on the actual linked instrument rather than manually figuring out to which instrument the device is linked to because that part is not really obvious. (aside from the fact you will be scratching your head a lot of times why the instrument is not responding to your slider changes)

But you can always quote out line 148 in the file main.lua in the [documentsfolder][user]\Renoise 2.8.1\Scripts\Tools\com.vvoois.Envelope_pitch_automater\ folder which performs this autocapture, like this:
– = get_pitch_device_instrument(track_device)

Thanks. This improves the usability a lot for me.

I guess there’s no way to make the device stick to the linked instrument when that instrument is moved (e.g. the device is linked to instrument “X” in slot 00; I move instrument “X” to slot 01; this will cause the device to “lose” the instrument).

Why I’m asking? I removed empty slots in a song in which I used the device on several instruments - and suddenly everything sounded very weird + the script produced an error dialog.

You don’t have to bother explaining to me why it can’t be done…

Would love a native version of this device…

There is, sort of but would require adding some kind of ID stamp to the instrument name as well. I don’t know if folks like the idea of having their instrument name manipulated with. And also means adding more notifier routines because more components have to be monitored constantly.
Hooray for the native solution indeed…

Wow, this is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Now if we could only get VST instruments to work with pattern commands.

That probably won’t work in all cases. One could use the slide commands to send pitch CC commands as midi commands to a VST plugin, but if it doesn’t support it, you won’t notice slides happening.
And if it works, the values will have different effects because the ranges are different for each plugin. This may work very confusing.

Yea that’s exactly how polac vst loader in Jeskola Buzz does it. You have to set the pitchbend on synths to +/- 12 semitones or it won’t work properly though. I hope one day Renoise can implement something similar. Pattern command pitch bends and arpeggios would be awesome.

Great tool. I was wondering if there is a way to have more than 12 semitones range?

That required a minor adjustment…
4048 com.vvoois.Envelope_pitch_automater_Rns280_V1.09.xrnx
If you use the sample transpose mode, 120 semitones up and down are supported under condition that all samples are perfectly tuned at transpose and finetune offset 0, when using the pitch envelope, you have a limited 24 semitones range (12 up and 12 down)
Just do know that the sample transpose mode might not work strictly. Also know that not all samples allow themselves to be pitched up 120 semitones, but i personally never considered pitching up over more than 2 octaves.

Hi, thanks a lot for the fast update. Although I’m ocassionally getting an error like this:

It happens as soon as I try to automate the pitchbend using LFO but also did get it a couple of times using standart automation. It might as well be that I’m doing something wrong but the original sample pitch was at 0.

I’m not sure how you manage an LFO or an automation frame to send a -1 (i can’t reproduce it here), but the renewed update in my previous post will now at least takes care that the value will always be raised to 0 when it is lower than that.

No idea how I did that, but it’s indeed sorted out with the update.

I managed to break it with the LFO again and got some weird wiggly sounds but after saving the project and reopening it, it’s gone away and I can’t reproduce it. So it’s working nicely now.

Thanks a lot :yeah:

nice tool! i have a question: the tool urgently need as input a midi in, is that correct? would it be possible to use instead the automation from “*instruemnt automation” plugin or something like that ? i currently does not have a midi device plugged in my PC and cannot use your tool, is that correct?

you don’t have to have a midi controller to use it. you can either automate it right away or modulate it with an LFO etc.

thank you for answering 8)

i dont get it: if i insert a LFO i can choose PitchDevise as destination but i cannot choose which parameter (i can choose “none” and “disabled” ). also pitchdevise shows as linked instrument "no plugin, MIDI or ReWire instr. selected.
i use the plugin on a wav instrument, is that false ?

The pitch device is a midi control device, the tool simply monitors the movement of the pitchbend parameter and controls the instrument that is set as a parameter inside the title of the pitch device.
I can’t touch the “linked” instrument number inside the scripting environment, hence i can’t use that to link it to any particular instrument unfortunately. You configure it by rightclicking on the device and select “pitch device properties” inside that dialog that pops up then, there you can link the instrument.

To me it sounds like you forgot to click the “on” button ^^

Once you’ve turned it on you can map an LFO to it, or automate it as you would normally automate any parameter. You can also configure the pitchbend range by right clicking and selecting “configure” as vV described.

aaaah, vV have had the correct hint for me, but thank you also keno_f for trying to help :)
i got it to work and have to say that this tool was really missing in renoise. the integration is a little bit
i now understand why its working like that. its a parameter link to instrument properties.
thank you very much for that tool :)