New Tool (2.8): Playplus

PlayPlus v1.0 for Renoise v2.8

Adds convenient playback hotkeys to Renoise:

  • Play from pattern loop sequence start
  • Play entire song

I have a keyboard with multimedia hot keys and I was able to assign play song from start to the << button, and the play looped pattern sequence to the pause/play button.

See example image for where to find keyboard shortcuts.

Nice! Thanks.

Heh. Thanks for the tool.
And btw before I saw this screenshot I had no clue that I can make use of those buttons on my keyboard. So thank you for that too :)

NP guys. It was too easy to make the tool. This is something really commendable and quite an achievement. It’s like renoise has it’s own app store (minus the fees and red tape). Great model and really well done.

grymmjack, if you approve, here’s a new version which also disables the ‘pattern follow’ as soon as you hit either of these shortcuts.
great tool btw

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Approved. Where is it? Sorry for so late reply lol.