New Tool (2.8): Render Pattern Sequencer Selection To Sample

This is a small tool for rendering a selection in the Pattern Sequencer to a sample.
Some code was adapted from the SoundCloud renderer and Freeze Track so thanks to ConnerBw and mxb for those.

0.1 features:

  • Bypasses master device chain when rendering

If there are any bugs, feature requests, refactoring possibilities, etc, please let me know.

Feel free to fork/pull on github.

i installed the plugin, closd renoise without doing anything and got this during close:

the second time i opened renoise and close it, no crash occoured.

Nice tool Jiku, thanks! :drummer:

Next up:

render matrix slot selection to sample! :yeah:

This is a bug notice from a completely other tool!

I installed DSP custom init just to see if there was a tool conflict or something but couldn’t reproduce this error.
Hopefully this is unrelated but if it only happens or seems to happen more frequently when both tools are enabled I’ll look into it.

Thanks and yeah I think that’s up next. :)

Probably a stupid question but I haven’t installed this yet - how is it different to the built in render selection to sample option?

Hope you have success with the matrix selection to sample tool - that’s something I’ve been waiting for for ages and would be soooo handy… :)

Ah, does it render to a sample which is a separate file, rather than a sample which is loaded directly into the Renoise sampler? It just clicked with me as I posted that comment…

This tool isn’t about selection in the pattern editor, but selection in the sequence list, you know…the numbered pattern blocks to the left of the matrix!

EDIT: interesting - the mobile version of the site automatically combines your comments if you post again straight away.

Oh right! That’s cool. I always get my Renoise terminology confused when reading about the different on-screen areas. Not sure why but it never sticks; I always think of the matrix as the left hand side section.

I meant sequencer when I said matrix there. God, I’m having one of those mornings…

Can I just start again, lol… I’ve got this comment totally mixed up but I’m sure you get the gist. I can’t do forums on a phone without being able to edit…

are you sure you’re using Renoise :D

Hahah, yeah, thankfully I’m better with Renoise than I am at knowing what the hell I’m talking about. :lol:

Anyway, I’ve installed this now and it does exactly what I was hoping the tool I thought I was going to have to wait for would do, back when I was getting my sequencers and editors and my semantics in general mixed up. (Although a matrix selection to sample would be even better*).

(*Assuming what I’m calling the matrix is actually the matrix. Only joking…)