New Tool (2.8): Renoam

Not right now, but I will have a quick go at it ASAP. Maybe this weekend. Actually, I didn’t have time to work on the software lately…
Muss mal schauen ob ich Zeit hab, sonst übersetz ich’s über Ostern.

No need to hurry. I still got so much to explore in Renoise. ;)

I would need more of a ReNoam for dummies approach with lots of examples in the translation though i think. My brain’s a bit rusty. :blush:

Here it is, I tried to avoid Denglisch, but oh well. ;)

Edit: It’s a quick and dirty translation, without additional examples. If you need german help simply PM me.

Holy Cow… you’re faster than allowed. :D

Thank you very very much for your translation!

I want to thank f+d+k again for this tool. I just used it on an actual song for the first time :P and also I can learn a little lua from the coding style. Nice work.

Thanks man! When I saw this thread pop up I guessed someone will kick my ass to make me work on it… ;)

Glad to hear someone actually uses this - to be honest, I haven’t made a single song with it. Is this song you made with it on soundcloud?

No, not yet, it’s still very repetitive on the drums part, so before it’s near sth i like to publish I’ll still have to work on it. But the synth part is rockin it now thanks to this tool.
I immediately had an idea that you might or might not like (besides all the stuff that’s tricky to implement in a few minutes like per line reading and writing, per track stuff, and stuff that’s plain impossible right now since there’s no prefs saving with songs):

  • after generation loop the generated part in the sequencer
  • optionally start playing it immediately (extra button like ‘generate & play’, just adds first sequence pos to schedule)

I’m willing to implement this.

And yeah I think about the same first improvements for Overtune, you know, better ‘spell checking’ for the formula but it’s just annoying to make such stuff:P

PS I’ll let you know if it’s online

Thank you for the ReNoam tool. It has drastically improved my workflow.

I was spending entirely too much time writing code to generate MIDI files that I was then editing in my DAW. With renoise and ReNoam, my life just got a whole lot easier.

I’ve written my first song with my first (very simple) grammar. The Bible is a very popular book in the part of the world where I live, so I thought I’d create a grammar based on a verse from the book of Psalms.

cerkit’s first grammar

Thanks again. Cheers from Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

Hey Michael, what a nice surprise, I haven’t been on here for years!

Great to hear the tool was useful to you, thanks for giving it a try. I just listened to the track on bandcamp and I like it a lot. Will definitely listen to your other work. (Already did for a bit, really enjoying it, e.g. Waning Dilemma.)

Thanks, I wrote much of my recent music using a program that I whipped up one Saturday in Swift on a mac.

cerkit/IntentionalMusic: Intentional Music (algorithmic composition) using Swift (

I realized that I needed to work more closely to the sequencer, which is when I went in search of a solution. I was led to ReNoam, which convinced me to buy renoise. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out this long. It’s amazing.

I used trackers on my C-64 way back when, and then again with Jeskola Buzz, and I love that they have survived this long. I can’t think of a better way to work.

ReNoam really has improved my life. Thank you again.