New tool (3.0): Batch adjust bit depth


I’ve made my first tool: “Batch Adjust Bit Depth”. It uses the upcoming version 4.0 API (Renoise 3).

The function of the tool is to change the bit depth of all samples in the current instrument, optionally as a maximum value (to avoid upsampling). I find I often want to do this for a ton of samples before saving to disk as FLAC (which doesn’t like 32-bit).

I’m waiting for approval to upload to, so for now you can download the attachment or get the sources here:

I originally wanted the tool to also be able to adjust sample rate, but that would require writing a resampling algorithm in Lua, which would I probably could not do as well as Renoise’s built-in resampling (not available in the API).

Lemme know what you think!

The tool is now available on the Renoise tools site:

this is exactly what I wonted. Many THX. you saved me a lot of time.

Nice tool. How about the being able to convert all samples in project? Would love to have that as an option.