New Tool (3.0): Easy Tune

Hey @afta8 I was just using this tool and got an error. It happens both in 3.2.1 and in 3.0, which was the last supported version.


@Achenar could you DM (or post here) the sample you are tuning that creates this error… It works fine over here so I’d like to test with what you are working on. Thanks

Sure - Cvox.xrni (133.4 KB)

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I had a look through the code and changing line 342 fixes the problem (though some fine-tunings will now be different by 1):

  finetunings[r] = math.floor(finetune*127 + 0.5)
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I’m a bit late to the party, but kudos on such a fantastically useful tool. Adding a quick keyboard shortcut makes loading up pretty much any sample completely effortless. It doesn’t get it right every time, but whatever dark magic you’re using to detect the overall tonality of the sample is outstanding.

Even on non-tonal samples, it often gets things micro-tuned to sit better in the mix, which alone is worth the download.

Awesome tool! Thank you!

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This is an amazing tool, thank you so much!

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Indeed! What a great tool. I have a question though…why are generated synth waves ( using other tools ) and other loaded synth samples…not exactly in tune tune as measured by this tool? If they are math generated shouldn’t they be in tune? Hmm

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Thats because this tool is taking a best guess at the pitch of a sample using a fairly basic detection algorithm… it’s never going to be 100% accurate… I also wrote this like 9 years ago when I barely knew what I was doing :smiley:


Any suggestion for better tool?

@afta8 would it be possible to have an option to make the tuning ‘permanent’? I’m just weird like that, wish the tuning to be corrected and back at zero, rather than -9 -37.

Yeah it’s possible, but not easy and probably not worth the effort… bear in mind this is only adjusting sample tuning, instrument tuning is still at zero if that makes any difference?

You can always bounce the sample if you really must have it at zero :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know I’m late but for some reason it tunes all my samples to G. Every single one of em. Super awesome concept though I hope I can get mine figured out