New Tool (3.0): Midi Convert

(danoise) #121

@ffx: Whew, a lot of changes.

  • Matrix mute slot support: great idea, makes sense!
  • MIDI pitch bend: Do you have a test case (a Renoise song) that I can use for verifying the output?
  • Correct LPB: What do you mean by this? it would be helpful if you could explain the problem because I have a hard time figuring out what you did from the diff (too many changes)

(ffx) #122

Oh, no public example currently I am afraid. But I tested it in Ableton with a pitchbended lead line, and it matched 1:1. Also in Bitwig (which I am targeting for) the song convert so far runs 100% (also the copying of pitchbend from midi cc 20 to the actual pitchbend automation, and also channel aftertouch), but did one complete project only for now.

Maybe one point to keep in mind: Currently the imported midi tracks use an increasing midi channel, starting with 1, next track midi channel 2 and so on. In the Renoise project all instruments run on midi channel 1. I so far did not check, if this is caused by Bitwig’s import or by the export script itself.

(ffx) #125

at github now