New Tool (3.0): Moveit

(catchpharse) #1

Hi there,

I made a tiny-tyny script that improves my workflow in the instruments modulation and fx section.

 This script adds 'move up/down' functionality by steps of one to  
 an xrni's modulation- and fx-device-chains via context menu and shortcuts.  
 Context menus: Sample Modulation Matrix, Sample FX Mixer  
 Shortcut categories: Sample Modulation Matrix:Device Chain,  
 Sample FX Mixer:Device Chain  
 Suggested Shortcut: CTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN  
 (The same shortcut as for moving instruments in the instrument box)  

It is not exactly drag&drop, but I prefer keyboard shortcuts anyway…
Please let me know, if this does not work for you!

Kind regards and happy tracking, Chris

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