New tool (3.1.1): Piano Roll Editor v3.0 build 136 (February 2019)


Raul, i really support your effort and work. Thus i do not find piano roll interesting in tracker realm.
I really enjoy reading your detailed explanations from above.
Keep up the good work!

(Raul (ulneiz)) #86

Thank you!

In the development of the PRE is not only involved in the “Piano Roll” itself. PRE has many more things that are not the piano roll. Maybe this matter goes unnoticed. For non-lovers of a piano roll, it’s still worth it. I could enumerate a very long list of additional things that PRE is capable of, that do not depend on the piano roll. The version 4 has greatly improved some things. When it comes out, users should see it as no a “piano roll”, but rather as a multi-tool. On the other hand, any composer can use the Piano Roll only visually, composing the song from the pattern editor. That is, even without editing from the PRE, you get advantages.

I have added some things at the last minute for this new version, among them the randomization of notes (with area selection, line jump and range between notes), the Chord Builder has the possibility of associating chords to each key of your MIDI piano (a very good feature), record notes directly on up to 2,3 or 4 tracks from the same instrument (for live recording). And I do not forget about the effects panel (FX module), which helps a lot to manipulate effects parameters directly in the pattern editor.
All these details have nothing to do with the piano roll. They are separate things, all integrated into the PRE and intimately linked to Renoise.