New tool (3.1.1): Piano Roll Editor v4.0 build 205 (April 2019)

(lilith) #105

Hi Raul,

yes, it’s a 64 bit system and Renoise is also 64 bit.

(Raul (ulneiz)) #106

Is that version of linux recent?

Unfortunately, I do not have Linux to do tests. But if it works on Windows and MAC, it should work exactly the same with Linux. Try doing a double-click installation on the xrnx file.

In Windows 10 x64 it works correctly, and on MAC OS x64 I understand that too.

The installation of a tool should never cause the color of a font to change. There is no instruction anywhere in the tool that does that task. Maybe Linux installation works differently?

(Raul (ulneiz)) #107

I will send you a PM as soon as I have time and I will tell you the details.

Edit: You can already look at your message inbox. You will have received a private message with the details.

(lilith) #108

It’s quite recent and comparable to Ubuntu 17. Double clicking is not working. Very strange.
There’s also nothing PRE related in /home/marco/.renoise/V3.1.1/Scripts/Tools/

(Raul (ulneiz)) #109

I do not know what is the problem. There must be some conflict with this particular operating system. It is the first time that a Linux user has problems installing the PRE.

It would be nice if another user commented on whether he can run the PRE with his Linux x64.

It has the same behavior as if the operating system were 32 bits. The installation package is 64bit, it can not be installed in a 32bit operating system. Nor in Renoise of 32bits (to my knowledge).
@4Tey, you do not have linux x64?


A quick test…it installs and runs here (linux mint debian). Not sure why lilith is having problems. How exactly is lilith extracting the xrnx from the zip? Does he have tool(s) installed causing conflict? When he drags the xrnx onto the Renoise window does Renoise report that the tool has actually been installed?

(Raul (ulneiz)) #111

As he seems to indicate, he tries to install it and the xrnx file does nothing.

The xrnx file is 64bit. If you use a 32bit CPU or a operating system 32bit or Renoise 32bits, when you try to install the xrnx file of the PRE (either by dragging it to the window of Renoise or by double clicking), then the xrnx file will do nothing!

That is, it is as if he were trying to install the PRE on a 32-bit machine. But he says it’s 64bit.

I think this has nothing to do with the LUA code (if the tool is well or badly written). PRE complies with everything for a correct installation, but on a 64bit machine with an x64 CPU, with software that executes 64bit instructions.

I also doubt that another tool prevents PRE from being installed (which I know can not be programmed). As it is not an antivirus that does strange things …

Yes it is possible that there are tools that may have conflicts between them, but they must both be installed.

It just seems like a specific problem with that version of Linux in particular.

What is the difference between “Linux Mint Debian x64” and “Linux Debian Stretch x64” (Ubuntu 17)?

(lilith) #112

Sorry guys, it was my fault. I dropped the wrong file to renoise. Now it seems to work.

(Raul (ulneiz)) #113

Oh, okay! I’m glad it’s already working for you! :slight_smile:

(lilith) #114

I still have to play with it. It’s much more complicated (and powerful) than I thought.