New Tool (3.1): AutoMate

I would like to comment on a couple of details about this tool.

  1. A characteristic that I see very useful is an affinity option so that, when creating a ramp, it is possible to detect the extreme points (end of the previous pattern, beginning of the next pattern). Therefore, the ramp will adapt to these points.
  2. I suppose you also have in mind what happens at the end point of the pattern, so that this point is not forgotten.
  3. If it is possible to make a straight ramp, it is also possible to generate simple curves. It would be very interesting to find a way to make complex curves.

I love being able to manipulate the curves of various patterns with the selection of the sequence.I’ve been building my Automa32 module tool playing with these things too, and I know it’s complex to do. Congratulations!

Anyway, even though we build useful tools, I honestly think that the automation editor deserves an importantupdate. I will not get tired of saying it.It is a fundamental area of work to control all the parameters of the devices.

All this reminds me that I have to check my tool :smiley:

“Adapting” to existing values is indeed something that would be handy.

Especially in the example GIF above it seems strange that I would need to match those values by hand, when the tool could have done it so easily.

When dealing with more advanced generator type it becomes more complex (e.g. a sinewave with phase offets.). So, perhaps the ability to “adapt” can exist only for some types of generators?

I suppose you also have in mind what happens at the end point of the pattern, so that this point is not forgotten.

Yes, the last possible position (last 256th of a line) is easily overlooked. Even the built-in env. generators in Renoise does not always care about that one.

But of course, the tool will support this - actually, it already does, except when creating pattern-spanning envelopes (as you can perhaps see in the GIF above)

The hard part is to implement a method which can interpolate values at existing points.

So if you have a value going from 0 to 1, it should be able to insert the correct value at any point. Easily done with a linear ramp, but for cubic you need the right formula.

Obviously, this would be great to have also in the Renoise API (which I’ve taken note of) - but it’s handy to have as a pure lua implementation when calculating envelopes from scratch.

Hey danoise,

I have a feature request here:

“Copy all focused track dsp automation from track selection” and “Paste allfocused track dsp automation from track selection”, so you could select an area in the track, copy it (so all track dsps automation lanes for that length will be copied), and then paste all automation of that one track dsp at another place in the track. Without fiddling around with single parameter selection.

Also I would like to suggest some kind of “universal” paste shortcut, which simply adapts to the prior kind of copy action. Maybe no need to have plenty of paste short cuts at all?

Then I would suggest to you to rename the tool. “AutoMate” actually googles like “automate”, which is not that helpful :). You won’t find anything regarding this tool, if it keeps this name. What about “Aut-o-mate” or “Aut0mate” joke

Thanks for consideration.

EDIT: There seems to be a problem with copy/paste automation from a specific parameter from pattern selection. Here, it only seems to copy the first point.