New Tool (3.1) ChordGun

I’m not going to do that but it’s pretty easy to add new ones, just go Tools->Scripting Terminal & Editor and open up chords.lua after expanding com.pandabot.ChordGun. You can see how they’re all defined in that file, you can add new entries in there.


has anyone added some extra chords themselfs by any chance? and if so willing to share the script.

I’d be willing to open up the chords.lua file and see if I can make sense of it as described above. Adding major 9th and minor 9th chords would be a good improvement that I think others would find useful. Is there a GitHub page for this plugin where I could contribute the changes back to the community, or is this the best way to share it back?

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That would be really cool. I think people just post the code into the comments? im not sure tho never used it.

Actually I agree that adding Arrows in the GUI of ChordGun is unnecessary, but could you maybe allow pressing UP/DOWN still moving the Pattern Editor up and down, while ChordGun is focused?

I haven’t yet come around to learn LUA or Tool programming to do this myself, but I think it would be a nice general addition.

*version 1.1.193 (experimental - no scrollbars, these are needed!) with 193 chords…
*version 1.1.133 with 133 chords …
*version 1.1.103 with 103 chords… com.eatme.MoreChordGun.1.1.103.xrnx - all sus2 sus4 and 6th9th variations added…
*version 1.1.43 - name changed to com.eatme.MoreChordGun.1.1.43.xrnx
*version bump v1.1 - name changed to com.eatme.ChordGun.xrnx
*fix Majadd2 capital M updated

  • up to the 10th chords :slight_smile: and add2 and add4 variations

ChordGun update 10th chords



I have updated the PandaBot ChordGun in the above post.
It contains up to 10th chords and I also added add2 and add4 variations.


oh wow ! thanks for the work.


Yes, thank you so much! I get so much use out of this plug-in, I’d be happy to buy you a beer if you have a PayPal or Venmo or something. Thanks again!


This is rad - giving me chords I’ve never even considered. Thank you!


praise be


Please, buy beer for @pandabot - I don’t dirnk… He created the tool. I don’t know how.

Oh nice, definitely trying this out later!

Cool, yes, @pandabot, please let us know where you can accept donations. Thanks all!

Please donate at, all proceeds will go towards providing fresh boxes of cheerios to impoverished developers Thank you


Donated! Thanks so much!


@pandabot can you also put the version with up to 10th chords in your first post okthanks

Just See it yet. Is it the same chordgun as the chordgun for reaper? I use it all the time in reaper. Is it the same author?

It has a custom interface for Renoise…
And I guess also, it has other options…

I have updated the tool with more chords:

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When enabling “all chords” in options, the dialog window goes past the screen on my system. Anyway to add a scrollbar or something?