New tool (3.2.0): SAI & Phrases Importer v1.0 build 001 (August 2019)

SAI & Phrases Importer

Provides two separate panels for:

  • “Save all instruments”: save all XRNI instruments of the current song in a folder of your choice (use coroutines).
  • “Phrases Importer”: import all XRNZ phrases between selected instruments. Select a origin and a destiny instrument index to import.

Access: Instrument box: “~Save All Instruments…” or “~Phrases Importer…”


Related thread: Save / Export all XRNI from XRNS?

Update history:

  1. SAI & Phrases Importer v1.0.001, August 2019 (first release R3.2.0)
  2. SAI & Phrases Importer v1.0.000, August 2019 (first release R3.1.1)



This looks really impressive and very useful, thank you.

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Wow, I missed this comment… :grinning: Thank you! Enjoy it!

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This tool is such a lifesaver. Thanks Raul!!!

Thank you! Enjoy it!

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