New tool (3.2.1) Acid Step Sequencer v1.0 build 028 (May 2020)

Acid Step Sequencer. Description

Acid Step Sequencer or A.S.S. is a stepper note injector, with an acidic sequencer approach. Choose a number of steps between 2 and 32. You can manipulate the notes and all their related values. Use the Master Step (“M” switch) for manipulation in selective groups or each step individually. You will be able to import, edit and delete data. Experiment with your notes quickly from a advanced sequencer panel. Use the power of randomization to get more creative in no time. This tool will add hours of fun building your patterns!

Main features

  • Up to 32 steps.
  • Line jump (click inside the “Step X” name).
  • Marker (with green lighting).
  • Individual editing of each step.
  • Master step for group editing (red step).
  • Ability to auto-adjust the “number of lines of the pattern” from the LNS Value of the Master Step (press [CTRL + Click] from increase or decrease the LNS Value).
  • Direct control of: note, instrument index, volume, panning, delay, sfx parameter and sfx amount values.
  • Manipulation the number of lines for the steps.
  • Manipulation of the note-off for the steps.
  • Four selection modes: all, odd, even or custom (with 32-step panel with various selection modes).
  • Selective transposition of notes.
  • Randomization of values (all), with range capacity and number of steps.
  • Injection of the effect and quantity in lower empty lines.
  • Selective cleaning.
  • Slider bars with “set to 0” (double click).
  • Data import/load.
  • Safe! It need Renoise “edit mode” enabled to edit.

Keyboard Commands

  • [SPACE] Restart/stop song.
  • [ALT SPACE] Continue/stop song.
  • [CTRL Z] undo.
  • [CTRL Y] redo.
  • [CTRL SHIFT A] close window.
  • *[CTRL SHIFT A] open window (Assignable: Preferences/Keys:Global/Tools/Acid Step Sequencer)


  • Renoise: Tools/ ~Acid Step Sequencer…


The GUI is constructed so that the tool appears as integrated as possible with Renoise.




How to use it?

“A step” is defined by the triggering of a single note. The note occupies one line, and it can have more lines below to lengthen its duration. A.S.S. is capable of injecting a specific number of notes with a specific distribution by steps. Choose a specific number of steps, insert the notes and then manipulate all their values ​​from the tool, through each step panel. You can view between 2 and 32 equal panels. Master one, and you will master them all.
It is important to know how to control the Master Step (red panel), by pressing the “M” switch. Master Step allows you to selectively manipulate all the parameters together. Choose from All, Odd, Even or Custom for step selection.

The tool can work back and forth. That is, manipulate the data from the tool, or import data from the Renoise pattern (the selected note column). The “Import data” button allows you to readjust the tool to already written notes (only note lines and their associated note-offs).

Furthermore, A.S.S. allows specific manipulation of the effect parameters and their amounts. You can inject the values ​​down, leaving the pattern ready for a more granular edit later.

The highlight is the selective randomization panel. This allows the user to be much more creative when he is not able to be. Use the randomization of any parameter to increase your inspiration shots. A.S.S. will help you find that step-sequenced note pattern that you never would have thought of!

Author, sponsor & collaborators

This tool was built during the Covid-19 Pandemic (May 2020), programmed by ulneiz (Spain).

Sponsor: @ToybOx. Thank you very much for proposing and promoting these types of projects!

Beta tester: A special mention to Kirk @Neuro_No_Neuro for working as a “beta tester” and providing their text corrections. Thank you very much!

Play with very acidic steps and transform your patterns! Enjoy it!

Acid Step Sequencer. Download

Acid Step Sequencer. Update History

Go to Renoise:Help: ~Find Tool Updates… & check it!
v1.0.028 (May 2020)

  • First release.

Link not working also when i go to Find Tool Updates it says could not find update info

Because it is not yet uploaded to the server. I’m doing it right now…

Updated: Already uploaded!


I want to say, @Raul’s tools here are very unique. As with the SMC Tool, this one is able to do something in a very short amount of time, that would take a lot longer if just using one’s computer keyboard.

Since testing this, there has been an immediacy in how one can come up with a pattern. What I mean by that is two-fold. First, an end-user can create a pattern through a simple set of modules that inputs the note(s) immediately. More importantly, the input notes can be affected rapidly via the sliders. Humanizing a note’s position is very simple now, and a lot more adjustable due to this tools visual aid (note delay). Adding vibrato to the FX section gives a quicker result because you can hear the end result right away.

For example, when using the computer’s keyboard, I end up going with a predictable set of values based on 10/20/30/40, etc. Now, I can fiddle with the sliders to quickly hear how much of the in-between I’ve been missing out on. Yes, you can do that with a keyboard by typing in individual values. I know and have done this before. Speed is what counts, and this speeds up that process in a beautiful way.

Finally, there’s a very “human” touch to this that just works.


excellent tool.
I’m trying right now.
the only thing I probably miss is that it only works with the first note column in the track.
Or I didn’t find a way to apply it to the second, etc.

Select the second note column first. You can work on all the columns of notes, individually.

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thanks for answer.

Raul, i suggest that you do 1 minute video overview of usage/features. It would help rather than 10 pictures and few paragraphs of text. I can help you with that as well if you want to.

Awesome tool alike others that i’ve tried from you. Cheers!


@dspasic, I came back here today and I saw that I forgot to answer you here.

Thanks for the feedback! I don’t have much time for this kind of content (creating videos). It would be very nice if A.S.S. I also had a demo video, although it could hardly be summed up in a minute and I doubt a lot of people would see it, given Renoise’s small community and poor support / updates…

However, the tool is “very repetitive” to control. That is, with knowing how a panel works, you will know how to control the 32, although it has some peculiarities and extra controls. It’s a matter of manipulating each control a little and seeing what it does.


Hey Raul,

just installed v1.0.028 and when starting from shortcut get error here:

‘C:\Users\octav\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.2.1\Scripts\Tools\com.ulneiz.AcidStepSequencer.xrnx’ failed to execute in one of its key binding functions.

Please contact the author (ulneiz [go to and contact him there]) for assistance…

acd/lua/acd.lua:3443: attempt to index global ‘ACD_MAIN_DIALOG’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
acd/lua/acd.lua:3443: in function <acd/lua/acd.lua:3443>

Hello Ledger!

Thanks for the info! It is a silly mistake. I will solve it and upload a new version. I seem to remember that this same thing happened to me with another tool :grinning:

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Any chance of a demo or demo video of this please anyone? have installed it but instructions above hurt. :drooling_face:

Kind of new to Renoise , only a few months. Where do i even find this tool. I installed it, but can’t find it. HELP!!!


  • Renoise: Tools/ ~Acid Step Sequencer…

AHA!!! Now to figure it out. hehe Is there a glide function? Cutoff?

I am pleased to report that I have just posted an evolution of this tool here:

Acid Step Sequencer will not have new versions. You should now use the Advanced Step Composer.

Merry Christmas and New Years everyone!