New tool (3.3.2): Sample Multi Controller v2.1 build 060 - Get more out of Renoise’s sampler!

Raul can you increase the demo time it turns of in a minute.How am i suppose to try this,same thing happens with the piano roll tool.Also when will you make a proper video about your tools?Forgive me but many of us dont get along with manuals epasially if you are a non english user

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@stoiximan, if you have any questions, I suggest you read the attached User Guide. You can use the Google Translator to translate into Greek. The format is HTML for easy translation. Reading will be more enjoyable. All the most important information is detailed here.

Above this thread you also have some demotion videos, which I know you like :grinning:

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Video tutorials is a must if you want your hard work to pay off.What about the time limit?

Maybe some user has time and wants to make a video tutorial, instead of a video demonstration. I don’t have time for this kind of content. Over the time limit, it’s fine as it is. If you want to continue experimenting, remove it and then install it again.

But honestly, if you really want to learn how to use the tool, you should read the user guide, a little. Build a manual is hard work.


Raul you can’t be serious about the time limit its way too short,you should at list make it 10 minutes.As you don’t have time for a video tutorial we also don’t have time to waste installing it over and over again.Am I being unreasonable here?

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The time limit is enough to test it. Detailed information for using it is in the user guide, that was the chosen format… Do not use it if you think it does not fit your needs.

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I am always keeping my mind open to different approaches in making music and life in general.Now about the manual i should have told this from the begging, i have a very low eyesight and it really bothers me to read but i can follow video tutorials that have voice more easily.Anyway i will stop now after all its your software your decision

i agree that 1minute is not enough to really dive, but licence is not that expensive after all

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That is not 1 minute, it is 15 minutes, enough to prove it. I think there has been some confusion on the part of some user.


Yep, it’s a 10 minute trial, then you can reset and start over if you still need to learn.

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I must apologize for my mistake, it is 10 minutes after all.I got confused when the pop up message appeared didnt really read what was all about and i thought i could no longer use it so i kept installing it again and again but the message clearly says 10 minutes

It really is 15 minutes of testing (with a warning window every minute). It has always been like this :grinning:


New early development of slice control. Someone will be very happy about this:
Controlled by Instrument Macros from LFO’s of selected track.


Of course I WILL :smiley:

WOW :panic:

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Use the wave as if it were a bubble gum!

This should leave you all freaking out! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

At last we are going to have flexible control of the sample wave. It’s really a shame this isn’t built hunder the Renoise hood. Real atrocities can be achieved with all these controls.

I’ve finally reached the end of the road (a lot of work and a lot of testing to fine tune.). SMC is great guys!

Some of yourselves have sent me private messages interested in this tool and the news. Thank you very much for your interest! I’m sorry I couldn’t address it sooner. But it will be here soon.

The new features are already detailed in the user guide. It remains to add a demo song that teaches the control of the slices among other things. The new programming is practically finished and fine. I am very happy to have made it this far.

For those who do not know the history of the SMC tool. Part of the development had to stop at version 1, because Renoise had some internal problem with slices (the tool could return errors or it just couldn’t work properly). With the new update of Renoise 3.2.2 I have been able to advance to reach the end, which allows linking a panel to the instrument and at the same time to the sample as well. In this way, it is possible to anchor more than one panel to the same instrument and distribute the 8 macros. This allows for a much more extensive combination of controls from different panels.


I hugely announce that the new version 2.0 of Sample Multi Controller as just published! Read the first comment for more information. To know all the news, display the list of the new version in “Update History”.

To update the tool to the latest version for all those users who have their Personalized Use License of Full Version, please follow this steps:

  1. Uninstall the old version of SMC.
  2. Install the latest version of SMC.
  3. Reinstall your Personalized Use License.

Other considerations:

  • Remember to backup your custom songs and config files, before reinstalling the tool, so you do not lose them.
  • For the rest of users, they can try the free Demo Version.

Sampe Multi Controller 2.0 includes some corrections and improvements. This is a major heavy update. The User Guide has also updated.

The main feature is the support of the sample slices. This also makes it possible to use multiple instances on the same instrument when the sample has slices. In addition, this new version includes other capabilities and improvements. It is highly recommended to update it.

Please, if in doubt, take a look at the user guide. There are many novelties there…

If you are interested in the Full Version of SMC and in supporting the developer, get your Personalized Use License!

Thanks for the support and enjoy it!

Special thanks to @Neuro_No_Neuro for all their help and efforts!

Go crazy controlling the slices!!!