New tool (3.4.3): Piano Roll Studio v6.1 build 560 (September 2023)

@pdigi, I have sent you a PM with the details… Thanks for contacting me!

Piano Roll Studio 5.3 has been published!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 5.3.511 of Piano Roll Studio. This new version is of maintenance and includes some new features.

All new features are listed in the Update History (first comment on this thread).

This new version 5.3 of the PRS is a post-update, usually after a major version is released, that includes bug fixes as well as some new features.

This new version adds more control to edit with the spin of the wheel of the mouse. Now the wheel has more prominence, allowing not only to transpose the current note/chord block, but also allows you to beat-clone the current note/chord block forward, being able to combine both operations to make beat-synchronized sequences. These editing operations also work with the song playback mode of the PRS. Although this mode is “armored” for editing, it is possible to work out small adjustments.

Other improved visual aspects are: viewing of the current clipboard bank. Buttons 1 to 8 of the top bar will now flash according to the selected bank.

In addition, the control of the loop of consecutive lines has been improved. Now it allows you to mark it (appears above the ruler), view the loop at all times, and also be able to release it without stopping playback. This makes it possible to easily edit the loop while it is constantly playing.

Other small unwanted behaviors have been fixed. As always, I advise always updating to the latest version available.

Enjoy it!


Piano Roll Studio 6.0 has been published!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 6.0.532 of Piano Roll Studio. This new version includes important changes and additions, which mark a before and after.

All new features are listed in the Update History (first comment on this thread).

This new version 6.0 of the PRS includes some new additions and above all a new fully integrated sub-tool, called Pattern-Track Manager. In addition, 4 image monitor profiles and their possible custom configuration are included, among other minor features.

The Pattern-Track Mananger

The Pattern-Track Manager allows easy management of “Pattern-Track XML files” from the Top Control Bar. These files save all the relevant information of a musically complete Pattern-Track already composed (with its notes, note columns, effects, names, Track characteristics and other details). In this way, it is possible to recall the Pattern-Track in any song project.

All the “Pattern-Track XML files” are saved in the main “pat_trk” folder located in the root folder of the tool. They are categorized into single-level subfolders based on style or type, are text files, and are also editable by hand from a text editor, as long as the XML hierarchy and option names and value types (booleans, numbers, text strings…). Hundreds of Pattern-Tracks can be saved for later reuse!

> Caution! If the composer saves new “Pattern-Tracks XML files”, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the “pat_trk” folder for reuse later. This folder can be recovered in other versions or installations of Piano Roll Studio or even shared with other composers.


The control of the Pattern-Track Manager revolutionizes the use of Pattern-Tracks by allowing light data sharing between different song projects, light data sharing between different composers and drastically speeding up the start of each composition by lack of inspiration, by allowing to use “on the fly” ideas already composed previously, or even modify them and save them again for later use or quickly test them with different instruments…

All details are described in section 3.1.1 of the User Manual. At the moment, version 6.0 includes some Pattern-Tracks XML files for testing inside the “…pat_trk/Kicks” subfolder.

The composer can now build his own Pattern-Track Library for all his song projects and share them with other composers. This properly enhances the use of Pattern-Tracks!

Now you can share your Pattern-Tracks with other Renoise users. If you want to include your Pattern-Tracks XML files in future versions of Piano Roll Studio, send me a PM and we’ll see how to do it.

Enjoy it & start sharing!!!


This should be native. They should hire @Raul :grin:


I’ve been wanting a theme exactly like this ImpuseTracker theme! Do you know where/if I can download it somewhere?

You can get the theme “Impulse Tracker” for Renoise from this link:

The theme “Impulse Tracker” for Piano Roll Studio you can achieve a similar look by setting the RGB values taken from the image capture (“RGB Colors Custom” Panel from PRS Preferences).

I think that image capture is quite old. PRS probably has more color options now. But you can get closer to that aspect by following the image capture.

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Piano Roll Studio 6.1 has been published!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 6.1.560 of Piano Roll Studio. This new version, despite seeming like a minor version, includes important inclusions in the Effects Parameter Editor, as well as some details related to navigation and other secondary details…

All new features are listed in the Update History (first comment on this thread).

This new version 6.1 of the PRS dramatically improves the curve creation randomization panel for the Parameter Editor. A new completely renovated panel is now included, which allows you to use randomization between a selectable range of lines, as well as calculate interpolation between two points (two lines) to create curves, both linear, exponential, and logarithmic.

In addition, it is possible to manually draw a quantity bar curve, and subsequently correct it with mathematically calculated curves. I explain all this in the following video:

Although the video is narrated in Spanish, it has automatic subtitles to be able to read it in English.

Enjoy it!


Hey there Raul , Tried to install my reg in the root of the tool and its still coming up as a demo. i was a early adopter though (2021). Could this be an issue?

Hi Rian, how are you?

Indeed, you have to get a new license. I’ll send you a PM with all the details and tell you what happened…

Is that for all users?

No. Any composer who has their PRS license should not get a new one. The license is for life. In the first versions there was a protection change. So it was necessary to change the licenses. But currently there is no case. They all renewed them; some user even wanted to support the project twice so that I could continue forward, which I am eternally grateful, given the results…

Hi @Raul , I have messaged you re: PRS.

Hi @Handed. I have already contacted you via PM. Thanks for your interest in PRS!

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