New Tool: pattern_pone - Pattern overview and editing tool

Loving it, nice and useful, thank you gova, different sizes and comparing different tracks sounds great, cannot wait :slight_smile:

Most probably final update, I can’t find any more bugs… assuming the fix I did in this version doesn’t cause any, butI don’t see why it should.


Definitely last update, added everythingI found necessary.

It would be great if this could be tested, if I get 50 downloads without any bug reports I’ll submit tobe reviewedbythe dev team.

unrelatedly, some small handy scripts I’ve made

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This is cool, so quick to adjust volume/delay, great for fine tuning a beat, thanks again gova.

I found a ‘bug’ but I don’t think it’s possible to fix,

When you push play after you’ve set a looping region that is notsupported by blockloop, it sets the loop totheclosest block loop region.

So non-block loops can only be played properly if you already are playing.

Schedulingpatterns to play doesn’t trigger it.

Is this technically a renoise bug?

EDIT: actually it doesn’t always happen

Try this: make a 0x80 long pattern and set the loop from 30 to 5F, then try the above issue.

or 00-33, seems to happen every time when 1/2 block loops are the closest variant


I think it isn’t possible to make bitmapsin lua directly. So an external program is necessary. If i’ll make it it will probably be windows only.

Also found 2 bugs, fixed in next version.

I checked out the socket API, so full on sample tracks aren’t really impossible, scanning the pattern data, as ‘proven’ by this tool isn’t really that taxing if you don’t mind <second lag.

Sorry to bump in all of a sudden, but I was told to use this if I wanted to have 512 or 1024 rows of automation in a 16 row pattern…

I linked you to the correct post :stuck_out_tongue:

It uses Illformed’s position calculating script, but if you want to use it on a permanent basis you’ll have to spend some time and fix it.

I can no longer remember what bugged out the tool.

EDIT: actually the tool is completely broken now. I didn’t change it. Let me have a look what went wrong.

EDIT2: I used the older version of it, the one in my_tools.