New Tool: Ticky Roll

Thanks for the feedback, I will have a closer look at your points during further development.

Also is it possible to re-create the steps of the bug about disappearing notes?

Related I don`t know if you may find this helpful aswell? a script I did a while ago that re-orders the notes in a track pitch wise, left to right:

Keybinding and Pattern Menu:

edit: now as an updated tool:

it is something I will be integrating into Ticky as a button at some time.

The uploaded file is close to the original conditions that caused the bug, but behaves the same as far as I can tell.

  1. Place the player head at any number line and column.

  2. Pop up Ticky Roll and shrink, notes disappear, then press normal and the notes are back in the wrong place.

Experimenting with different octaves has different results as well, some not buggy like

C 3


C 2

becomes buggy…

There maybe more variations in the bug but that’s pretty much how I came across it this morning, will post more if I come across any.

Thanks, will take a look.

Please see first post for quick-fix of this 0.521.

(edit now updated 0.522)

Awesome, will keep testing it.

I’ve got to say that the shrink mode is coming in handy in more ways than one. The funny thing is, that’s how I more or less notate my stuff on paper.

I decided to notate rhythm and structure in a separate manner because it got too convoluted and I couldn’t immediately see each important role, each important component in making each song unique, having its own personality before any signal processing.

With shrink mode, I can take a snapshot of all notes used per pattern & song, and give it to someone who doesn’t read standard notation.

It would be nice to have some sort of keyboard <-> fretboard converter, just a simple snapshot converter with no editing ability in terms of what the Ticky Roll can do, though the ability to modify the fretboard would be ideal, so it can be applicable to as many fretboard based instruments.

yes, this would be awesome! (= for me it would be enough if one could just select which note to tick in the tickylol by writing “4:7”, for example, which would indicate the pitch of the 4th string fretted at the 7th fret.

this would mean that no guitar neck gui (they are problematic in that they have pitch change in two directions) would be needed but only a text input box and an add button. (displaying which string/fret on the guitar that a particular ticked box corresponds to would be nice too.)

i’ve always had this “translation problem” and have at times even used tuxguitar to input notes and then export it as midi… but the program is not very good and is plagued by a horrible rhythm input method because it uses standard musical notation. (pauses and notes must all add up to a measure so one has to shuffle them around to try something new out. really stupid.)

I don’t know if a converter would complicate the Ticky Roll, maybe it should be a separate tool ?

A keyboard <-> fretboard converter would essentially be like a perspective shifter with out the bells and whistles that come in playing a keyboard or guitar, just the notes.

The reason I would opt for a fretboard gui is to see similar viewing functions as the Ticky like all notes used per pattern or song, in this case it would be on a fretboard, but with the added functionality of different tunings and setting what fret based instrument it is, bass or baritone guitars, banjo, 6 or 7 string, etc… edit: but like b4, just a simple converter with mod functions

A gui less converter might integrate well with the current Ticky though.

Standard tuning EADGBE

Standard tuning EADGBE

Dropped D tuning DADGBE

Some interesting ideas here :), some may be outside the scope of tickyroll but certainly some stuff to think about.

Here’s a more accurate conversion using the line number on the left as fret numbers, same as above really but I just deleted the spaces.

Edit: all 24 frets are accounted for, but the Ticky limits its viewing at 16 dec or 10 hex, thanks It-Alien for the converter.
Just move the line number and you’ll see the rest.

Nevermind about the fretboard gui, got a little lost. Sorry if I sidetracked things a bit.

Anyone could actually make any fretboard representation using 1 track and several columns, in this example I used Taktik’s Find and Replace tool to mark notes used and then deleted notes that weren’t used in order to plan an arrangement on guitar stemming from an original programmed composition.

@ 00.1, no problem, suggestions/ discussion always welcomed! :)

@ everyone there is now a new Multi track version of Ticky available in the first post.

It is a separate tool for now for ease of scripting, access is via a keybinding.

This version will show the current row for all tracks in a song.

use the line number in the Ticky Roll as fret numbers and check marks as strings to find your note on string 4 fret 7

minor volume/velocity bug, can’t access through keybinding.

7F and 80 is essentially the same, but if I focus on a track that has 80, i can’t access either Ticky, otherwise you can access them if focus is elsewhere without 80 in volume column.

hey! will try it once i get home from work! (=

Thanks, I will take a look.

I don’t know if its possible or if anyone else would find the following feature request useful.

Current behavior
Clicking in Ticky automatically goes to the first column or available columns near the first, overriding volume, pan, delay information shared in the same line.

Requested behavior
As an example, 1 track 2 columns line 00, 1st column has only volume info, so when clicking in Ticky, it stays or goes in column 2. It would be fine if only volume was implemented to prevent notes going into column 1, excluding pan and delay.

EDIT: nevermind face palm, i see that note OFF takes care of this + i can adjust the off fadeout to zero so the natural volume fade is not affected

New versions up that should deal with the 80 volume bug and some efficiency improvements on single track version, in “normal mode” .

First post:

Keep up the great work. Very innovative.

Inspiring to see a self-proclaimed programming beginner do something so cool with Lua.

Thanks for the kind words!

Now if I can just get my code a bit tidier I may be able to burst the water-wings :)

Small Update for single track ticky 0.54.

A couple of preferences added so you can control the width (note range) and number of rows shown (1 to 64)