New track by me!

hiya people,

Would just like to invite you to have a listen to a track I have finished. it’s got flavours of Basement Jaxx and some other things in there, i am sure anyone who likes sophisticated house will also like the stomping bass line :P

you can stream the track or download, its an MP3 - its up to you.

em22 - missing you

Comments are welcome, I am sure will like this one :P

I havent heard house music in years. It has certainly changed since I last listened to it.

Great remix!


unfortunalty the cheesy house that has taken over the world has really spoiled peoples view on that genre. I hope to bring a little sophistication back to house, with a little more on the intellectual side - but obviously keep the bass pumping.

Its more of a remake than a remix though :D


good stuff fella B)

The link is working fine! if not try entering it manually

I’ve had an email from the people at who would like to feature my track on their site!


and who said house music was dead :D