New Track 'Curver' Uploaded Onto Soundcloud

Hi Everyone

I have put a track up onto soundcloud that I have been working on and was hoping to get some feedback.

Hope you are all well!


BTW.I changed the name of this track in case anyone was wondering.

I like the overall sounds you got going on. The arrangement needs more variants though as it’s a bit repetitive I think. Try add some more brakes and try make the beat flow more overall as the tune goes on as currently it stays the same kind of vibe for to long on the tune.

Thanks Dainhumain!

I will agree,I think I could do more sequencing and add more instruments,the seq is a little bit monotonous and could be more dynamic and I could try to add more drum sounds or a breakbeat.

I will see what I can do!


You got a nice heavy sound so thats a good thing, just need to make the tune progress as it goes along, as you say. Should work good.

Good luck.

Nice one m8.